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Spring 2011


  • We are continuing the process of filing for our own 501c3 to become an independent non-profit. This has been a long and daunting process but were closing in on the finish line.

    We welcomed our first part-time paid staff member, Diana Majors who is handling our bookkeeping and helping us keep on track. She is a much-needed addition to our Comfort Food Team.

    We received a $1,000 grant from Sams Club to help with the cost of food.

    Christin and Ellie prepared and delivered approximately 150 meals to our Comfort Food families.

    Comfort Food was the recipient of a $1,000 community service award from Group Publishing and received recognition from Senator Michael Bennet for our service to the Northern Colorado community.

    July 2010 we met Anne-Marie who is emotionally and physically exhausted from caring for her husband, whos health is declining and who is in hospice care. The family is struggling with the reality of losing their loved one while trying to manage the daily tasks of life. Comfort Food provides three meals weekly to their family and is able to visit to provide support.

    In July of this year we received a request to assist a family who recently lost their three-year-old daughter, Isa in a tragic accident. We provided meals for the family, assisted in providing food for the memorial services and continue to walk with the family in their devastating time of grief.

    December 13, 2009 we received a request for help from a mother of three childrenages 9, 2 and 6 months. Elizabeths husband was battling leukemia. Comfort Food was able to provide weekly meals to the family as Elizabeth strived to continue to work full time so that the family would be able to keep their home.

    2010 was a whirl-wind year and we would like to thank you

    for your continued support of

    Comfort Food. We wouldnt be

    able to do what we do without

    your encouragement, love and

    financial help.

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  • Our relationship with the McLees family started several years ago. Ellen struggled to care for her husband Murray, who had diabetes and the early stages of Alzheimers Disease. She was also caring for her sister Charlotte as her health declined. In November of 2008, we began sharing meals with Ellen and listening to the stresses of caring for two family members. In June of 2010, Murray passed away and we provided a family meal after his memorial service. We continue to provide meals to Ellen as she grieves and cares for her sister.

    We continue to balance full-time work with our passion for Comfort Food. In 2011, our top goals are:

    1. Landing sugar daddies so we can quit our jobs, and make Comfort Food our full time occupation! In other words, continuing to fund Comfort Food, and find a commercial

    kitchen space we can effectively work out of.

    2. Develop relationships with many of the other wonderful non-profits and service organizations in the area, including Pathways Hospice, Rotary Int., and ETLC.

    3. Develop a volunteer training program, and begin to work with volunteers who have a heart for service and love for the hurting.

    4. Continue creative fund-raising.

    5. Completing the process of becoming our own 501c3.

    6. Deepening our relationships with the families/

    caregivers we serve.

    Were excited for the year ahead of us and to see how

    Comfort Food will continue to grow and develop. Again,

    none of this, not one bit would be possible without you!

    We are so very thankful for each and every one of you

    standing behind us cheering us on as we walk this difficult

    and life-giving road. If you find yourself with a little

    unexpected money in your pocket that you would like

    to contribute, its all tax deductible and goes to support

    our mission of caring for caregivers. If you have time and

    want to volunteer well put you to work. We welcome

    your partnership with Comfort Food, we cant do this

    alone. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The words seem

    to fall short of the immense gratitude in our hearts.

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    Cheers to an exciting year ahead of us!Ellie and Christin

    In late fall of 2009 we met Heather Coombs, a 40-year-old woman facing terminal cancer alone. We began providing multiple meals per week for her. Weve been able to provide nourishment to help her face her grueling cancer treatments as well as financial relief. In the past year we have developed a friendship with Heather. In a conversation in June, she mentioned that her doctor suggested she travel and make the most of her time. She shared her desire to see the ocean again. As friends, we traveled with Heather to California for three days during a break in her treatments. Thanks to the kind contribution from Hannah Sugimoto for the Frontier Airlines buddy passes and John Beach in Irvine for the use of his wonderful home, car and GPS. We continue to brings meals to Heather and provide any other support we can, reminding her that she is deeply loved as she journeys to the end of her life in Hospice.