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Beef Stroganoff & Garlicky Kale Rigatoni With Tomato Sauce And Green Salad Mahi Mahi With Om Sweet Mama Dressing And Artichoke Served Family Style Rosemary Grilled Lamb Chops With Honeyed Carrots & Quinoa Tabouleh Orange Roast Chicken With Moroccan Roasted Cauliflower And Corn On The Cob Asparagus Frittata


+ Newsletter & Recipes October 3rd -4th 2012Every year when we say goodbye to the long days of summer, I long for simple, comforting meals to help ease the transition to autumn. I grew up on the East Coast, where September nights were crisp and clear and the smell of fallen leaves filled the air. These are some of my favorite recipes to highlight the bounty of this season in California. The main dishes beef stroganoff, mahi mahi, rosemary grilled lamb chops and orange roasted chicken are the perfect vessels for showcasing the delicious veggies we get at this time of year, including kale, corn on the cob, cauliflower and artichoke. Warm regards to you and yours, Ayda Robana www.omsweetmama.com Aydas Comfort Food Box Marcies Pies: Most weeks we buy pastured lamb or pork from Marcie Jimenezs farm in Santa Ynez. But she does much more than raise animals. She also has an amazing business making pies and quiches using fruit she grows on the farm, and hand-rolled crusts. Her pies and quiches are different flavors every week, so we surpise you each week with what is most seasonal for our Pie ($20) or Quiche Selection ($22). If you havent ordered a pie or quiche yet you really should try one! $8.50 in the store Recipes Beef Stroganoff & Garlicky Kale Rigatoni With Tomato Sauce And Green Salad Mahi Mahi With Om Sweet Mama Dressing And Artichoke Served Family Style Rosemary Grilled Lamb Chops With Honeyed Carrots & Quinoa Tabouleh Orange Roast Chicken With Moroccan Roasted Cauliflower And Corn On The Cob Asparagus Frittata Oil of Pacines Dijon Mustard Regional Specialty! Love da Mustard in the Box this week. Deetjens Big Sur has created an entire menu round another flavor of these Mustards from this award-winning producer of organic olive oil Enjoy! more on 2 Braised chicken with coriander (Chile) Ingredients: 3 tbsp vegetable oil 3 to 4-lb chicken - rinsed,patted dry and cut into 8 serving pieces Salt, to taste Pepper, to taste 1 cup coarsely chopped onion 4 cloves garlic, minced 3/4 tsp dried oregano 2 tbsp plain flour 1 cup chicken stock 1/2 cup dry white wine 1 cup packed finely minced coriander leaves 1 finely sliced chilli (seeds kept in) Method: 1. Heat the oil in a large frying pan over medium heat 2. Add the chicken and cook until browned all over 3. Season with salt and black pepper 4. Transfer the chicken to a large plate while you saute the onion and garlic 5. Scrape the juices out of the frying pan into a larger cooking pot. Add the onion and garlic to the pot and saute over medium heat for 2 minutes 6. Add the chicken to the pot, along with the oregano and flour and stir 7. Pour the broth and wine into the pot, cover, and simmer over low heat until the chicken is just done 8. Just before serving, stir the coriander into the sauce and sprinkle with chopped chilli Score: GOL Grilled ginger chicken wings (Cambodia) Ingredients: 900g chicken wings 2 Out of the Box Collective Aydas Comfort Food Box 2012 October 3 rd -4th Jay Ruskey is the farmer behind Goodland Organics, one of the most interesting farms in the Santa Barbara area, specializing in tropical fruits. Not only is he working on a feasibility study to see if coffee can grow in the area (were planning a sample of it soon!), but he also produces those amazing caviar limes we sometimes buy, and in this weeks box we have his miraculous GOJI BERRIES and Strawberry Guavas. What an amazing climate we are blessed with, and what an amazing farmer! Located in the beautiful rolling hills of the Sonoma County coast, Bellwether Farms is only a few miles from the ocean and well known areas like Tomales Bay and Bodega Bay. This region is known for mild temperatures and coastal fog. Heat stress adversely affects milk production and quality, so the mild temperatures are ideal for dairy production. Dairies in this area are reknowned for producing the richest and sweetest milk in the land. Farmer Profile: Goodland Organics 1Artisan Made Gifts and Wine from the Stewards of the Land of the Californian Terroir! Coming Soon: amazing foodie gift boxes. Wine and Cheese available for all deliveries in California. Artisan delicacies available for shipping nationwide! If any of you are 2considering corporate gifting, we can also create boxes to meet your needs. From jam makers like Bona Dea, Sqirl and Kevin West to wine makers like Alma Rosa and Ambyth, and cheese makers like Rinconada and Central Coast Creamery, to name just a few... Gifts from our beautiful Terroir, made by Stewards of the Land. 3 Out of the Box Collective Aydas Comfort Food Box 2012 October 3 rd -4th Box Contents Not included in the Couples Box **Add-on option. Please go to www.outoftheboxcollective.com if you are interested *** Roots Vegetables Fruit Garlic (Earthtrine) Yellow Onions (Tutti Frutti) Carrots (Garden Of..) Cherry Tomatoes (Roots or Shepherd Farms) Asparagus (Lifes a Choke)* Cauliflower (Rancho Cortez) White Corn (Lane Farms) Artichoke (Lifes a Choke)* Black Beech Mushrooms (Chris Milliken) Goji Berries (Goodland Organics) Hass Avocadoes (Hilltop & Canyon) Blackberries (Chuys Berry Farm) Murcott Tangerines (Friends Ranch) Yellow Peaches (Tenerelli) Nectarines (Tenerelli)* Leafy Greens Extra Fruit ** Meat & Eggs Salad Mix (Shepherd Farm) Dino Kale (Roots)* Melon (Old River Farms) Extra Nectarines Extra Blackberries Strawberry Guavas (Goodland) Chicken legs (Couples) Half Chickens (Family) (Dey Deys) Lamb Sirloin Chops (Jimenez Farms) Fajita Strips (Dey Deys) 1 dozen Eggs (Dare to Dream)* Herbs Dairy Regional Specialty Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme (Earthtrine) Butter (Organic Valley) Creme Fraiche (Bellwether) Dijon Mustard (Oil of Pacines) Juice Grain/ Pulse Nuts, Seeds or Dried Fruit Orange Juice Somers Ranch Valencia Oranges Rigatoni (Solvang Pies) FRESH Pistachios (Avila) Fair Trade Catch of the Week ** New Customer/ Referral Gift Quinoa (Alter Eco) Mahi (Kanaloa Seafood) Quinoa Chocolate Bar (Alter Eco) For a very short window of about three weeks a year, Avila has these amazing fresh pistachios available. Tasting these was a first for me, so please enjoy this special treat! 4 Out of the Box Collective Aydas Comfort Food Box 2012 October 3 rd -4th Beef Stroganoff & Garlicky Kale Ingredients for Stroganoff: Beef strips Mushrooms 1T olive oil 1 clove minced garlic 1T butter 2 spring onions, chopped 1 container creme fraiche 2T chopped parsley 1t salt 1t fresh ground pepper Ingredients for Kale: 1 bunch of Dino kale 4 cloves of minced garlic 1T olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Directions for Stroganoff: Clean mushrooms by simply wiping them with a damp paper towel. Chop the mushrooms and set them aside. Then, saute your beef strips in a hot non-stick frying pan in one tablespoon of good olive oil for 3-4 minutes until lightly browned, but not cooked all the way through. Place the beef in a small bowl and set aside. Then reheat the same pan for a few moments on a medium-high flame, add one tablespoon of butter and the chopped mushrooms. Saute the mushrooms for several minutes until golden brown. While the mushrooms are browning you can add the minced garlic clove. Turn the flame down to low and add in the beef and creme fraiche, salt, and pepper. Finish with the chopped spring onion and parsley. You can serve this over white rice or pasta. If you are not using the fresh rigatoni for another meal, you may want to serve it with this. Directions for Kale: Chop your Kale and blanch it in some salted boiling water for 2-3minutes. Strain and rinse it under cold water until it has cooled. In a saute pan heat up the olive oil, adding the garlic and then the Kale, and saute for just a few more minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste; this kale is wonderful with a squeeze of lemon or some fresh grated parmesan cheese if you have these too. Its delicious without them as well. 5 Out of the Box Collective Aydas Comfort Food Box 2012 October 3 rd -4th Fresh Rigatoni with Tomato Sauce and Green Salad 123Directions: Halve your tomatoes and set them aside, then mince your garlic cloves finely or use a garlic press. Heat two tablespoons of olive oil in a saute pan, adding in the garlic and tomatoes. Allow to cook over medium heat for about 6 minutes, adding a few teaspoons of water. Meanwhile, bring a pot of hot water to a boil. Once it has boiled, add in 1T of salt and drop in the fresh rigatoni. Cook the pasta until it is al dente (4-5 minutes). Remember that fresh pasta cooks much quicker than dried pasta. Drain your pasta and add it to the saute pan with the tomato sauce. Finish with some thyme, salt and pepper. This meal is fantastic with a simple green salad topped with some of my OM Sweet Mama salad dressing! (continued) Ingredients: Fresh pasta 1 pt cherry tomatoes 4 cloves of garlic 2 sprigs of thyme 1/4c olive oil 1T plus 1t salt 1t pepper 6 Out of the Box Collective Aydas Comfort Food Box 2012 October 3 rd -4th Ingredients: Lamb chops 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 t minced rosemary 2T olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Honeyed Carrots: Ingredients: 1 bunch of carrots 1 garlic clove T honey 1T butter 1t olive oil 1t parsley (if you have any left over, if not you can skip it) Salt and pepper Directions: In a small bowl mix together olive oil, rosemary and garlic. Brush the mixture on the lamb chops and season both sides with salt and pepper. Grill on a hot grill or grill pan for 3-4 minutes on each side. The lamb should be a little pink on the inside but brown on the outside. Remove from the grill and cover with some aluminum foil to allow the juices to settle. Serve with the aioli recipe above and some quinoa tabouleh . Otherwise, just serve with a side salad and honeyed carrots. Directions for Carrots: Wash, and peel the carrots, then slice the carrots thinly on a diagonal. In a non- stick frying pan heat up the oil and butter, add in your minced garlic and carrots. Saute for seven minutes until carrots are tender but still a bit crunchy. Add in the honey and saute for a few more minutes until they are golden. Season with salt and pepper and garnish with some fresh chopped parsley. Rosemary Grilled Lamb Chops with Honeyed Carrots and Quinoa Tabouleh 7 Out of the Box Collective Aydas Comfort Food Box 2012 October 3 rd -4th 1Quinoa Tabouleh 2Ingredients for the chicken: 2C white quinoa 1 pt cherry tomatoes 3 spring onions 1 bunch of parsley 1 lemon juiced (you can omit this if you do not have it) 1/4c olive oil 3t salt 1t pepper Put the quinoa in a pot with 3.5 cups of water seasoned with 2t salt. Over medium-high heat, allow the water to come to a boil, then cover with a lid and simmer for 15 minutes until water has evaporated. Remove the quinoa from heat and place it in a large bowl to cool. Finely chop the parsley, tomatoes, and spring onion and add them to the quinoa. Dress with lemon juice, and olive oil, salt and pepper. Independence Day Box July 5th, 2012 Ingredients: Chicken 2 Cloves of minced garlic 1 orange, juiced 1T olive oil 1T Dijon 1T honey 1T salt 1t pepper Veggie Ingredients: Cauliflower 2 garlic cloves minced 1T paprika 1T cumin 1T Kosher salt (less if its sea salt) 3T olive oil Corn Butter Salt Orange Roast Chicken with Moroccan Cauliflower and Corn on the Cob Blot the chicken on a paper towel, absorbing any excess moisture. Then in a small bowl, mix together the garlic, orange juice, mustard, and honey. Generously season the skin of the chicken with salt and pepper and place the chicken on a roasting tray. Coat the chicken in the mixture and roast in a pre- heated 400 degree oven for 45 minutes. Meanwhile.... On a separate baking tray, prepare the roasted cauliflower. Chop the cauliflower into florets, and place into a Ziploc or plastic bag. Add in your garlic, spices, and olive oil. Shake until the florets are coated with the mixture. Spread out the cauliflower onto a baking tray and cook in the oven along side of the chicken for about 25 minutes or until golden around the edges and tender. For the corn: fill a deep pot three quarters of the way full with water and bring it to a boil. Husk the corn and rinse it, removing any of the small threads. Once the corn has come to a boil drop it in and cook it for 6 minutes. Remove the corn from the boiling water and slather with butter and salt. Yummmm 9 Out of the Box Collective Aydas Comfort Food Box 2012 October 3 rd -4th Family-Style Steamed Artichoke with Rosemary and Garlic Aioli Ingredients: 1 large artichoke 3 cloves of garlic pressed with a garlic press 1t finely chopped rosemary 1t Dijon mustard 1t salt 1t pepper 1 egg yolk 1/2c good olive oil 1 lemon preferably, but if you dont have a lemon you can substitute 1T of vinegar (whatever kind you have except rice wine or balsamic) Clean the artichoke by removing the stem and plucking off any un-desirable bottom leaves. Rinse under cool water. Place your artichoke in a steaming vessel with a lid and fill with 5 cups of water. Allow the artichoke to steam over medium heat for 45 minutes, periodically checking your water level to make sure it does not evaporate. After 45 minutes the artichoke should be fully cooked you can check this by plucking off one of the outer leaves and trying it. If it is tender, then your artichoke is ready to eat. Even if you do not have artichoke in your box this week, I suggest trying the rosemary and garlic aioli - it would be delicious with the lamb. Rosemary Garlic Aioli Mince and mash garlic to a paste with a pinch of salt using a large heavy knife or garlic press. Whisk together egg yolk, lemon juice, rosemary and mustard in a bowl. Add the oil a few drops at a time to the yolk mixture, whisking constantly, until all oil is incorporated and mixture is emulsified. (If mixture separates, stop adding oil and continue whisking until mixture comes together, then resume adding oil.) Whisk in garlic paste and season with salt and pepper. If aioli is too thick, whisk in 1 or 2 drops of water. Chill covered until ready to use. 10 Out of the Box Collective Aydas Comfort Food Box 2012 October 3 rd -4th 6eggs 1/2 bunch asparagus cleaned and chopped 2 spring onions 2 sprigs of thyme, minced 2T creme fraiche 1 T butter 1T olive oil Salt and pepper to taste. Asparagus Frittata with Green Salad There is no reason to fear making a frittata- it is essentially a glorified omelet. The key is not to rush it and to cook it on a med/low heat. Here's how you make it. In a mixing bowl whip together your eggs with the creme fraiche, season with salt and pepper and chopped thyme. Chop your asparagus and onion and set them aside. In a heated non-stick skillet add your olive oil, then saute the asparagus for 3 minutes, add the spring onions, and cook further for a few minutes. Then add in a tablespoon of butter and increase the heat until the butter has melted. Finally, add your egg mixture and turn the heat back down to med/low. Cook for 10 minutes until the egg is cooked through. If you like, you can finish the frittata under a broiler, for one or two minutes. Enjoy with a simple salad and delicious dressing. 11 Out of the Box Collective Aydas Comfort Food Box 2012 October 3 rd -4th Ingredients: Mahi Mahi fillet 1t salt 1t pepper 1T olive oil 3T OM Sweet Mama salad dressing Directions: This recipe couldnt be easier and its amazingly delicious. Simply season the Mahi Mahi with salt and pepper and brush each side with olive oil. Then place on a baking tray and broil for 15 minutes in a hot oven. When fish is cooked through, brush with my Ruby dressing if you have any left. Otherwise, garnish with parsley, butter and serve with rice and salad. Mahi Mahi with Om Sweet Mama Dressing


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