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Men Fast Food

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1HOT DOGSSimple _____________________________ $2.00Mexican ___________________________$2.75American __________________________$3.00Swiss ________________________________$5.00hawaiano pineapple_________________$6.50

2Combos3Beef burger+potatoes +soda$12.00

Chicken burger+potatoes +soda$10.50

BURGERSMeat with cheese__________________$7.40 Chicken breast with cheese_________$11.00 Double meat with cheese___________$12.00 Chicken, beef and cheese__________$12.50 special meat: Ham, cheese and bacon___________$15.00

ADDITIONALFrench Fries_____________________$3.00 Ham____________________________$2.50 Yellow cheese___________________$1.25 Bacon___________________________$1.50

5DRINK Pepsi_____________________________$0.75 Squart_____________________________$0.55 Z UP_______________________________ $0.75 Orange Mirinda ___________________ $0.75 Pepsi Light_________________________ $0.75 Tea Manzanita Sol__________________$0.55 Coca -Cola________________________$0.75