Challenging status quo adds fresh perspective

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Challenging Status Quo Adds Fresh Perspective

Challenging Status Quo Adds Fresh PerspectiveSpending my time at the ground level in my early days made me `get my hands dirty,' making me learn its importance

Contdhe brief I was given and what I did in the first 100 days at workI joined ITC as a management trainee after finishing my BTech from IIT Delhi. During the first 100 days of the extensive nine-month training, the focus was on understanding the various aspects business, learning about the gamut of processes concerning various areas of the company. It provided a perspective on how a large company is run -from procurement of raw material to finished goods being sold at a retailer. It was exciting to learn a lot of new things involving all the moving parts of the business.I spent a major portion of my time on working at the ground level to learn how things were built. This made me `get my hands dirty' at the start of my career, ingraining in my mind the importance of doing so. This is the concept we all practice now at Lybrate, where everybody is a doer and `gets their hands dirty', trying out and doing things that help make the product better and the user experience seamless and smooth.

ContdBest leadership lesson I learntDuring my days at ITC, I noticed the company hired risk-takers and those who chal lenged status quo.That brought fresh and new perspective to the company and I learnt how important it was. When I went to Facebook, I saw this happening there as well, and that firmed up my belief even more. We now follow the same at Lybrate while hiring. We bring in people who have the insatiable hunger to try out new things and who are very passionate.The worst mistake I madeAt ITC, I was not much inclined towards manufacturing. Looking back, I think I should have given more time to it during the training, and taken it as an opportunity to learn a new skill even if I was not willing to do this in the long term.

ContdThe best friend I made on the jobIt was a senior of mine who made me understand the significance of the value system of believing in the company's vision and hanging in there with conviction.How I managed my work-life balanceI did not care much about work-life balance. I was always very eager to learn, and still so. Therefore, this never tops my mind.How I had fun at workI used to travel a lot for work and played squash with work friends.

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