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Bulletproof WebSphere Architectures. Tony Higham, CTO Rare Medium. What We’ll Cover. Application Architecture Scalability and reliability Integrating Domino and WebSphere WebSphere V4 software architecture A typical development architecture An example production architecture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Bulletproof WebSphere ArchitecturesTony Higham, CTORare Medium

  • What Well CoverApplication ArchitectureScalability and reliabilityIntegrating Domino and WebSphereWebSphere V4 software architectureA typical development architectureAn example production architectureWhere to Learn More

  • What is Application ArchitectureAn application architecture is ...An application run-time environment (the stuff on which applications run)Hardware, software, networking, etc.Why should you care about architecture?Success or failure of your applications depends upon itA well-designed application will run poorly on a poorly-designed architecture

  • Application Architecture GoalsA good application architecture providesAn application environment that is easily extensible to provide more computing power as the number of users increasesAn application environment that is resilient to hardware and software failureUse scalable and reliable technologies to meet these architectural goals

  • Achieving ScalabilityDesign the architecture to use vertical and/or horizontal scalingVertical scaling with server softwareRunning multiple instances of server software on a single machineHorizontal scaling with server softwareRunning multiple machines, each with a single instance of the server softwareBoth horizontal and vertical, combined

  • Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

  • Why Use Vertical Scaling?A single server instance rarely uses the maximum capacity of a machineSoftware packages have different limitsDomino R4.6 uses maximum +/- 750 MB RAMUse multiple instances to exploit the available CPU and memory resourcesBeware of vertical scaling tradeoffsDoes not meet reliability goalsPerformance improvement is not linear

  • Why Use Horizontal Scaling?More reliable than vertical scalingRemoves single point of failureOffers the best scaling performancePerformance improvement is near linearThe more systems you add, the faster it isBiggest tradeoff is costOne server per machine is costlyBest combined with vertical scaling

  • Achieving ReliabilityHardware reliability is often achieved with redundant CPUs, hot-swap drives, etc.Combines with software redundancy to remove all single points of failureSoftware redundancy services provideEven distribution of work over serversReduces likelihood of failure due to high loadRedirection of user requests to other servers in the event of server failure

  • Designing an Application ArchitectureArchitecture design is a tradeoff betweenScalabilityPerformanceReliabilityCostYou decide which tradeoffs make sensePerformance and reliability needsAvailable budget for hardware/software

  • Integrating Domino and WebSphereIntegration occurs at the HTTP layerDomino HTTP server, or Microsoft IIS Web serverDomino and WebSphere single sign-onWebSphere ships with SecureWay Directory, which Domino can use (LDAP)WebSphere can use the Domino directory when it's LDAP-enabledSingle sign-on works in Domino R5.05

  • WebSphere V4 Software Architecture

  • Typical Development Architecture

  • Analysis of the Development ArchitectureIssues with this architectureIf the machine fails, you're out of businessDomino HTTP server has known issuesPerformance, agents causing HTTP server crashes, etc.How to improve this architectureUse machines dedicated to specific tasksUse a scalable and reliable HTTP serverHTTP server must integrate with Domino and WebSphere

  • Example Production Environment

  • Benefits and TradeoffsBenefits of this architectureIIS has proven scalability and reliabilityImproved security with second firewallHardware clustering removes single point of failure for database server Tradeoffs with this architectureIIS is the only other Web server that Domino and WebSphere can shareIBM HTTP Server (Apache) is not available!

  • Where to Learn MoreSearchDomino.comAdmin2002 ConferenceDetailed follow-on session with live demoFully documented procedures on CDMay 1 3 in Boston (see www.eview.com)Articles in The View magazineAriticles in WebSphere Advisor magazineThe ITHumans Web sitewww.ithumans.comtony.higham@ithumans.com

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