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本奇技特種玻璃介紹. Introduction to iNsiteTek Glass Steel Film. 本奇科技玻璃鋼膜介紹. BULLETPROOF GLASS. iNsiteTek all-win solution. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




Introduction to iNsiteTek Glass Steel FilmiNsiteTek Ltd.GSFiNsiteTek all-win solutionCurrently, most of Intrusion prevention methods are acted by electronic devices for the invasion and destruction detection, it belong to passive defense, and always too late once alarmed. Current security service does not provide active intrusion prevention which can reduce user's damage loss and get the best protection.

- iNsiteTek feedback to our partners in every industries by offering several times lower than the market price.

- End users win: Effectively protect the safety of life and property: anti-intrusion, gas explosion protection, anti-typhoon, earthquake, nature disastersetc.

- Distributors win: Can secondarily develop a new protections business effectively to your existing customers.iNsiteTek Ltd.GSFiNsiteTek Glass Steel Film series with unique multi-layered security protection, resistant to high impact percussion damage, natural disasters and the impact of the high risk of explosion.

Anti-theft, robberyAnti-typhoon, earthquakeAnti-explosion

iNsiteTek Ltd.GSF

Effective Intrusion Prevention

iNsiteTek Steel Film greatly improve the strength of ordinary glass, and thus give enough time to react and escape, regardless of using any kinds of iron sticks, stones, petrol bombs and other powerful hand tool to intend to broken window for invaded want by thieves, robbers or thugs, need to spend some minutes of time at least.

CPSC 16 CFR 1201 CAT I & II certificated by ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials)

iNsiteTek GSF anti-intrusion movie:http://goo.gl/BhhbeUPlease scan QR Cordby your mobile phoneiNsiteTek Ltd.GSF

Effective defense of natural disastersASTM large C-class & small hurricane impact test standard by the U.S. Hurricane Center in Miami.

iNsiteTek Glass Steel Film can effectively secure against pressure brought on by Typhoon, brings to defend strike by blown signs and tree branches. Even if broken glass still can maintain wind & rain penetration proof. Can effectively release squeezed forces by earthquake, avoid injured by falling glass or cutting incidence.iNsiteTek GSF anti-typhoon movie:http://goo.gl/a5czTLPlease scan QR Cordby your mobile phoneiNsiteTek Ltd.GSF

Effective bombings defense

iNsiteTek Glass Steel Film can effectively against gas explosion, factory explosions and injuries incurred when a car bomb explosion, shock wave from TNT and C4 blast generated and shattered glass splash. ANSI Z 97.1 American National Standards Institute blasting test standard.iNsiteTek GSF anti-explosion movie:http://goo.gl/0ogkEtPlease scan QR Cordby your mobile phoneiNsiteTek Ltd.GSF

Be reinforced installation (after construction) on the existing glass, Just select a suitable thickness of our Glass Steel Films in accordance with the existing glass thickness. (For more information of installation, please contact our local dealers)7, 14 (curved surfaces dedicated) and 16, 21 mil thickness multiple choice. Unidirectional defense technology; can fight back but does not affect escaping.28,000~34,900psi high tensile strength, effective shock absorbing.No distortion, no birefringence effect, no stress, no defect and black spots.Protect the skin, eyes and furniture from UV damage (99% isolation rate).Anti-explosion ANSI Z 97.1 American National Standards Institute blasting test standard.Reduce the thickness, weight reduction, and the least cost-effectiveinstallation downtime.Excellent optical properties; more than 90% of transparency and clarity,ultra-low haze and yellowing rate.The effects of energy saving, carbon and noise reduction, heat Insulationsummer time, warm preservation in winter time, no peculiar smell, no toxic.No more need to install anti-theft, anti-intrusion bars, does not affect the structure integrity of the building and maintain the perfect exterior appearance.UL 972 Forced Entry Requirements, U.S. security glass safety standards.Can withstand NIJ 0108.01 NIJ-3A 9mmx19 bullet shooting (Glass takes up to 12mm thickness).iNsiteTek Glass Steel Film features

14mil car, curved surface dedicated GSF movie:http://goo.gl/jE8cnwPlease scan QR Cord by your mobile phoneiNsiteTek Ltd.GSFiNsiteTek GSF SPECIFICATIONSSPECThicknessDimension(roll)Weight (roll)Anti-intrusion glass thicknessApplicationsNIJ II class bullet-proof NIJ III Aclass bullet-proof7mil0.18mm152x3048 (cm)16kg6mm float glass aboveIntrusion prevention / anti-natural disasterXX14mil0.36mm 152x1925 (cm)16kg5mm float glass aboveCurved surfaces dedicated intrusion prevention, front and rear glass for bulletproof car 12mm float glass above X16mil0.41mm152x3048 (cm)44kg6mm float glass belowIntrusion prevention, anti-natural disaster, bulletproof12mm float glass above15mm float glass, multi-posted four layers, using the C-Bond glue21mil0.53mm152x3048 (cm)51kg6mm float glass belowIntrusion prevention, anti-natural disaster, bulletproof10mm float glass above12mm float glass, multi-posted four layers, using the C-Bond glueClassWeaponCaliberAmmunitionDistanceNIJ II.357 Magnum.357 MagnumHV/JSp 158 gr5 mNIJ II9 mm handgun9 mm x 19HV/FMj 124 gr5 mNIJ III A44 Mg Handgun44 MgLead GC 240 gr5 mNIJ III A99 mm S.M.G9 mm x 19FMJ 124 gr5 miNsiteTek Ltd.GSF

High-strength polyester fiber filmSpecial thermoplastic polyurethaneGlassiNsiteTek Glass Steel Film series makes ordinary glass become extraordinary...It comes with the characteristics of high tensile strength and filling the pores of ordinary glass structure, makes ordinary glass into a incredible high-intensity one-way defense shield. Existing glassiNsiteTek Glass Steel Film Security defenseiNsiteTek Ltd.GSF

Laminated glass is two pieces of glass sandwiched intermediate intrusion prevention materials. Need to be customized in accordance with the size of the field.

Laminated glass has to be customized in accordance with the size of the field. But our iNsiteTek GSF no need to change the existing glass, just simply paste it directly on the original glass.

Laminated glass needs to be installed by professional person. But our iNsiteTek GSF easy to install, just simply like paste Insulation paper.

Laminated glass unable to be broken to escape from the inside when in distress. But our iNsiteTek GSF is unidirectional defense, can be broken from inside to escape safely in case of emergency.Difference between iNsiteTek Glass Steel Film and Anti-intrusion Laminated GlassLaminated constructionAnti-intrusion glassiNsiteTek Ltd.GSF

Windward side windows of the building, the upper floors of buildings, coastal buildings, glass houses, villas, luxury, financial institutions, office buildings, hotels, gas stations, gas stations, factories, laboratories, mining mask, canopy, government agencies, hospitals, schools, police agencies, embassies, guardhouse, the control room, military units, airports, museums, Showroom, fine jewelry display cabinets, marine, automotive, armored truck, chemical trucks, rail transportation .....iNsiteTek GSF Applications

iNsiteTek Ltd.GSFiNsiteTek GSF Testing and certificationABS shock-wave tube testU.S. hurricane debris (large C-level) impact testStatic pressure, and water, air penetration testingNIJ-2 ballistic testNIJ-3A ballistic testUL-752 ballistic testiNsiteTek Ltd.GSF

ABS shock-wave tube test --- 6mm+7miliNsiteTek Ltd.GSF13

ABS shock-wave tube test --- 6mm+8miliNsiteTek Ltd.GSF14U.S. hurricane debris (large C-level) impact test --- 10mm+11mil

iNsiteTek Ltd.GSF15

Static pressure, and water, air penetration testing --- 10mm+11miliNsiteTek Ltd.GSF16

NIJ-2 ballistic test:

(1). Glass thickness:12mm + 21mil

(2). Glass thickness:12mm + 16mil *2 iNsiteTek Ltd.GSF17

NIJ-3A ballistic test:

Glass thickness: 15mm + 21mil *4iNsiteTek Ltd.GSF18

UL-752 ballistic test: Glass thickness: 12mm + 14miliNsiteTek Ltd.GSF19

UL-752 ballistic test: Glass thickness: 12mm + 14miliNsiteTek Ltd.GSF20

UL-752 ballistic test: Glass thickness: 12mm + 14miliNsiteTek Ltd.GSF21Thanks to your attentioniNsiteTek Ltd.www.iNsiteTek.com11F., No.189, Jian 8th Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.)886-2-22262998gavin@insitetek.comsidney@insitetek.com

iNsiteTek Ltd.GSF