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    October 2013Corby Guenther





  • 8/14/2019 Bulletproof Presentations Handouts.pdf


    Why live presentations are a powerful tool

    Were constantly bombardedwith information. We get somuch email that peopleignore the vast majority of it.

    Its hard to get anyonesattention while theyredealing with all that noiseand information.

    Were often working withpeople in distant locationsand time zones who haveother priorities andexpectations.

    When you do take the time toread anything, its often badlywritten, hasnt had muchthought put into it, and hardto understand.

    Its di ! cult to do businessor to collaborate in a writtenformat. Its next toimpossible to make a humanconnection.

    The Power of Small Talk

    There are many reasons to walk down the hall or pick up the phone to have a conversation instead of sendingan email. But one of the best is for the opportunity to make chit-chat. A few minutes spent talking about kids,dogs, or the weather can work wonders for a relationship and for your power to persuade.

    Were overwhelmed We work with people allover the world

    Its hard to get anyonesattention

    Most writtencommunication isnthandled well

    Writing isnt a great formatfor negotiating, persuading,or building relationships

    Weve lost manyopportunities for realconversation

    Technology has eliminatedmany opportunities for directinteraction. Livepresentations help by gettingus together in one place.

  • 8/14/2019 Bulletproof Presentations Handouts.pdf


    Whats in it for you?

    Live presentations are your best shot at beingpersuasive.

    Presenting allows you toshow yourself at yourbest.

    Planning yourpresentations gives youthe chance to frame theargument.

    Presenting well inspirescondence and leaves alasting impression.

    Your wardrobe and theway you present yourselfcan redene how people

    think of you.

    Strong presentationshelp you earn anaudiences attention the

    next time you need it.

    Be the star of your own show

    Presenting can be your chance to shine. Think of it that way and it can be really exciting. Make it your thingand you can be a star.

    Be persuasive Control your messageMake a good impression

    Show your value Manage your image Get them to come backnext time

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    Were all presenters

    The kind of event carefullycrafted to distribute ano ! cial message orposition.

    The big ballroompresentations thatprovoke fear in speakersand audiences.

    The presentations thatmany of us sit in every daywithout realizing howimportant they can be.

    Presentations dont alwaysinvolve groups. Some ofthe most important are


    An opportunity to makea quick pitch, much likethe Jeopardy exercise.

    A critical non-workevent. Just remember tomake the bride happy

    and you cant go wrong.

    Informal presentations can be as important as the formal ones

    You need to be prepared if you run into your CEO in the lobby and she asks you what youre working on or ifyoure looking for a job and someone at a cocktail party asks what you do. You never know what might lead tonding a new job--or having to look for one.

    Company-wide meetings Project status meetingsKeynote speeches

    Interviews Elevator Speeches Wedding Toasts

  • 8/14/2019 Bulletproof Presentations Handouts.pdf


    Simple storytelling techniques

    Keep it relevant

    Just as you should never tell a joke at the beginning of a presentation solely for the sake of telling a joke, youneed to make sure that your stories are directly relevant to the objectives for your presentation. If youraudience cant gure out why youre telling a story theyre likely to think youre showboating and wasting time.

    Probably the rst kind ofstory that comes to mindin presentations. Whatsthe backstory? How didwe get here? Whats next?


    Stories dont need to becomplicated. They can beas simple as a pair ofbefore and after pictures.

    Before and After

    Starting with a quotationthat illustrates your topic isa classic presentationstrategy and gives youevidence for what youwant to say.


    Using an extendedmetaphor to tell a storygives your audience afamiliar structure to follow.


    Another variation onChronological or Beforeand After stories. You canuse Cause and E " ect to

    focus on how a specicsituation occurred.

    Cause and E " ect

    Making your topic personaland showing the audiencehow you relate to it is a bigstep toward getting them to

    share your ideas.

    Personal Anecdote

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    Presentations arentabout slides, theyreabout persuasion

    Remember that presentationsare not just the delivery ofinformation. If they arentdesigned to persuade anaudience they really have noreason to exist. What you have

    instead is just facts, chit-chatand lost time which peoplecould have put to better use.

    If youve ever sat through apresentation and felt it was atotal waste of your time orcouldnt even gure out what itwas about, its probablybecause the persuasive

    element wasnt well dened ordidnt exist in the rst place.

    Its up to you to make yourpresentations effective. Therst step is to make sure youunderstand why youre doing apresentation to begin with,what you hope to accomplish.Of course you cantaccomplish anything

    productive if you dont have agoal.

    The single most importantthing you need to do whencreating any presentation is todene your objective and keeprening it throughout theprocess of writing your talk so

    your goals are clear andrelevant to your audience.

    Presentations must be persuasive

    If you dont have a good reason for a meeting, s aveeveryones time

    and cancel

    What all presentations have in common

    The reason yourpresentation exists in therst place. What do youwant to accomplish?




    Who are they, why are theythere and what do youwant them to do, think orfeel?

    Why are you giving thispresentation and notsomeone else? How can

    you be persuasive?

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  • 8/14/2019 Bulletproof Presentations Handouts.pdf


    Questions to ask about your message

    A presentation withoutan objective is apresentation thatshouldnt be given.

    Stay focused on yourgoals and the strategies

    youll use to achievethem.

    Storytelling can be themost e " ective way tobond with and persuadean audience.

    Show them that you know your stu " , but dontoverwhelm your audience

    with information.

    Plan your presentationaround possiblereactions, especially

    emotional ones.

    All formats arentsuitable for everypresentation. Plan what

    you use strategically.

    Whats your objective? What story can you tell?What do you need to do toaccomplish it?

    What evidence do youhave?

    How is your audience likelyto react?

    What format makes sensefor your presentation?

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    Questions to ask about your audience

    Who are they? How do they feel about you?

    What do they know about your topic?

    What will they be interestedin?

    Whats the right tone forthis group?

    What do they have incommon/what are their

    di " erences?

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    Questions to ask about yourself

    Are you the rightpresenter?

    Do you have enough timeto prepare?

    Do you have enoughauthority?

    Can you be an enthusiasticadvocate?

    Will your style be a good tfor the audience?

    Can you still say no tothis assignment?

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    You things to remember

    Dont try to be someone youre not. Chances arethe role wont t you.

    Make an e " ort to be yourbest at every presentation.Try to be alert, enthusiastic,present.

    Show your audience that you really believe what youre saying. Becondent rather thantentative.

    Tell your audiencesomething about yourselfand theyre more likely to

    feel positive about you.

    Dont get thrown o " bysmall details. Change

    your plans when you

    need to.

    Surprising your audienceis one of the best ways toget them to remember and

    act on your presentation.

    Just keep moving

    Even experienced presenters can get thrown o ! track when little things go awry. But dont make a big deal ifyour slides dont work quite right or you forget a minor idea. Chances are that your audience wont evennotice if you dont point it out.

    Be yourself Make a strong argumentBe your best self

    Tell a personal story Be exible Do something unexpected

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    You things to remember

    Its your responsibility tocreate a relationship with

    your audience and involvethem in your presentation.

    If you want your audienceto be excited about yourtopic you have to showthem that you are.

    Sales is all about presentingand persuading, so theres alot we can all learn fromsales techniques.

    Audiences listen and arepersuaded better if youspeak conversationally.

    Try to