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  • Manufacturers of :

    * Rotary Pumps* Diffusion Pumps* Vacuum Coating Units* Vacuum Ovens & Furnaces * Pneumatic Right Angle Valves* Dosing System

    * DC Power Supplies* Sputtering Systems (DC & RF)* Pirani & Penning Gauges* Digital Thickness Monitor* Pneumatic Buttery Valves* Dosing Pumps

    Mob: +91 94444 97216 / +91 86082 48099

    Email : thulirvacuumtech@gmail.comNo:10/7, Nethaji street,(Near Post Office),Ekkauthangal,Chennai - 600 032.


    Phone : +91 94444 97216 / +91 86082 48099

    Email :

    Web :


    Vacuum Pumps

    Vacuum Systems

    Measuring Instruments


    Analog Penning Gauge Analog Pirani Gauge Digital Thickness Monitor

    Digital Penning Gauge Digital Pirani Gauge

    Accessaries UHV Eletrode Chamber inner view

    Cathode Ass. Buttery Valves Clamps CF Flange CF Flange

    E.B. Gun Power Supply

    Measuring Instruments


  • About THULIR VACUUM Technologies

    THULIR VACUUM Technologies is one of the major vacuum equipment providers for the research & development departments of numerous universities, research laboratories, anddepartment of space, electronics, material science & nuclear research. It was started in the 2006 by a group of highly qualied and experienced engineers based in V.R.Technologies Bangalore.

    Diffusion Pump

    Belt Drive

    Dosing Pump (mech)

    Air Cooled Diffusion Pump

    Our Clients

    As we are the major equipment providers we are catering to the variousresearch establishments over nation wide and our clients are satised with our prompt after sale services and updated technology.

    Prof. G. Mohan Rao, Dept. Of ISU, IISc, Bangalore

    Prof. S. Mohan, Dept. Of ISU IISc, Bangalore

    Prof. Kasiviswanathan, IIT Madras

    Prof. Ramachandra Rao, MSRC IIT-Madras

    Prof. N.Harish Kumar, IIT-Madras,

    Prof. Somnath Chanda Roy, IIT-Madras

    Prof. Sathiya Narayanan, Pondichery University

    Prof. Anatharamakrishna, IIT Kanpur

    Prof. S. Kasturirangan Dept. Of CCT IISc, Bangalore

    Prof. Rajanna, Dept. Of ISU IISc, Bangalore

    Prof. K.T. Ramakrishna Reddy, Dept. Of Physics SVU Tirupathi

    Prof. V. Rajagopal Reddy, Dept. Of Physics SVU Tirupathi

    Prof. Udaya Shankar, NITK Suratkal

    Dr.B. Subramanian, CECRI Karaikudi

    Prof. Manoj Varma, CeNSE, IISc, Bangalore

    Prof. M.G. Krishna, University of Hydrabad

    Prof. S. Uttanna, Dept. Of Physics SVU Tirupathi

    Prof. Shridhar Reddy, Dept. Of Physics SVU Tirupathi

    Prof. O.Md. Husain, Dept. Of Physics SVU Tirupathi

    Prof. Vijayalakshmi, Dept. Of Physics SVU Tirupathi

    Prof. Shivakumar, Anna University Chennai

    Prof. P. Venkateswaran, University of Madras

    Dr. Ravidass, Bishop Heber Trichy

    Dr. Gunasekar, IISc, Bangalore

    Dr. C. K. Ramesha, Bits Pilani, Goa

    Dr. Jayaram, SSCU - IISc

    Prof. T.K. Nanda, MRC - IISc

    Dr. Ambarish Ghosh, CeNSE - IISc

    Prof. Sanjeeviraja, Dept. of Physics Alagappa University Karaikudi

    Dr. Venkatasubbaiah, Yogi Vemana, Kadapa

    ISRO, BHEL, BEL, HAN, NAL, and MTRDC, Bangalore

    Vacuum Systems

    Vacuum Pumps

    Rotary Pump

    Tubular FurnaceDosing Pump (electronic)

    Vacuum Coating Unit DC Sputtering Unit DC & RF Sputtering UnitVacuum Pumping System



    Email :

    Web : WWW.thulirvacuum.comVACUUMTECHNOLOGIES

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