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D.A.V. College Managing CommitteeThe DAV College Managing Committee (DAV CMC) is the largest non government organization in the field of education in India today. It has a glorious past seeped into the history of India, our great nation. DAV College Managing Committee has contributed to nation building by pioneering private initiative in education. In our more than 120 years long career span, DAV students have emerged as leaders in their chosen fields as Prime Ministers, Scientists, Sports persons, Defense Personel, Journalists, social workers, educators, edupreneurs, making meaningful contributions to economic & social development of India. The DAV Trust & Management Society founded its first DAV School at Lahore in 1886 with Lala Hans Raj (Later venerated as Mahatma Hans Raj Ji) as its honorary headmaster. A great academic, social & cultural role-model, it was Mahatma Hans Raj who almost martyred himself to give true direction, definition & identity to the DAV movement. The DAV College Managing Committee is the Executive body of the DAV Trust & Management Society with annual budget around 800 crores, the DAV MC is also empowered to chalk out all the policies, plans & programmes regarding the academic & financial affairs of DAV Institutions. The DAV College Managing Committee is managed by a galaxy of luminaries from diverse fields who are committed to the philosophy of Arya Samaj & ideals of Swami Dayanand Saraswati. It covers almost the entire gainut of educational activity in the country. The society is running & managing about 800 educational institutions throughout the length & breadth of India.1

DAV Institute of Physiotherapy & RehabilitationDAV Institute of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Jalandhar has been running the course of Bachelor in Physiotherapy since 1996. Master in Physiotherapy has been initiated since year 2009. The Institute is affiliated to Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot. It is the only Physiotherapy Institute with in Punjab recognized by UGC. The Institute is a self financing/unaided non-profit centre for the benefit of citizens of Punjab. 10 Batches of Physiotherapists have graduated till now from this Institute & 11th is due to join internship. Our graduates are successfully employed across the globe. Out students have been bringing laurels to this Institute by bagging the top positions in PG entrance exams & as well as top university ranks in both graduate & PG classes. We have a dedicated, highly qualified & perhaps the most experienced teaching faculty with in the state of Punjab. Besides our regular faculty of Physiotherapy, the institute also invites visiting faculty as resource persons who take academics dearly & also provide regular inputs for enhancement of our services. The faculty takes keen interest in promoting original research work at both graduate and post graduate level in relation to latest academic topics for effective evaluation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients. The Institute offers comprehensive & quality rehabilitation care. The integrated & synchronized workings of departments of physiotherapy, occupational therapy & prosthetics & orthotics provide exemplary health care for the physically challenged community & are a model for inter-disciplinary approach in Rehabilitation. This Institute is a pathbreaker and encourages holistic activities for the overall development of its staff and students by encouraging cultural & sports events such as Synapse-2010 in which Physcotherapy Colleges from all over North India participated and made it a huge success.




Our Mission Statement:DAV Institute of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Jalandhar is committed to produce skilled, dedicated, world class physiotherapists who will have clinical competencies, skills and attitudes inherent to ethical and legal principles established and expected by profession, community and government agencies. Our Vision Statement:DAV Institute of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Jalandhar will st excel as an 21 century learning community that is intellectually vibrant, technologically advanced and research centred Institution which will be dynamically proactive to the ever changing needs of the field of physiotherapy and other rehabilitation sciences. Working within the framework of Arya Samaj, the college will provide students with affordable access to a comprehensive career, transfer and lifelong learning opportunities of the highest quality. Clinical services D A V Institute of physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Jalandhar provides following clinical services to help the community. 1. DAV Disability-coverage Scheme 2. DAV- Total DAV Disability cove rage scheme provides a comprehensive care for people suffering from various problems that cause pains and discourage proper movement. The scheme provides high quality care at extremely economical cost to every salaried employee and his\her family. DAV Disability coverage Scheme (DDCS) is an exceptional package that provides physiotherapy care for one full year for the entire family of the enrolled members.3

DAV- Total Artificial limb centreThis unit manufactures artificial limbs and supplies aids and braces for persons with disability. Physiotherapy learning in DAVIPTR is a unique and satisfying experience. In addition , the orthoses are provided at the most competitive prices. More so a wide variety and range of products are available.

NEURO DepartmentThe unit treats the problems which arise due to insult to brain, spinal cord or one or more nerves. The therapist targets the problems in muscle tone, sensations, balance fatigue, movements, Posture, walking pattern, functional Independence, pain and paralysis & no. of neurological conditions are attended to as stroke, spinal cord injuries, parkinsonism, CP, developmental delay, Amylotrophic lateral sclerosis, Gullian Barre syndrome, peripheral nerve injuries, post-polio syndrome, spine bifida, cerebral ataxia, traumatic brain injuries, motor neuron disease, myopathies, neuropathies, muscular dystrophy and transverse myelitis. Patient is fully assessed and treatment goals are set specific to each patient. It may comprise normalizing sensory input, tone, posture, balance, training stretching, strengthening, range of motion weight bearing exercises and core stabilization exercises, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Electrical stimulation and gait re-education are also prescribed profound use of biofeedback is unique feature. Advice is also given regarding the suitable walking aids and home adaptation and equipments.

ORTHO DepartmentOrthopaedic Rehabilitation provides relief to all types of joint and muscle problems. Unique feature is to understand biomechanical fault following any injury or orthopaedic disease and then correcting the same. We treat all conditions creating impaired posture, impaired muscle function, impaired joint mobility etc. Range of conditions that are regularly attended to in this unit are myalgia, strains, joint stiffness (bursitis), fracture (Post operative care), arthralgia all types of arthritis and spinal deformities and disorders. In cases related to spinal problems emphasis is laid on manual therapy in which disorders are treated especially with hands on approach.


OUR LABORATORIESI. ELECTROTHERAPY:Electrotherapy employs electrical energy, radiations, heat and cold for the treatment of impairments of health & conditions of abnormal physical functioning. The unit optimizes physiological functioning that forms the basis for successful treatment of physical ailments. Essentially it is the electrotherapy unit that makes physiotherapy a drug-less therapy and a viable alternative to medicines. The department is compartmentalized housing Indians and imported machines catering to a wide range of musculoskeltal, neurological, cardiopulmonary conditions sports injuries and occupational related problems. II. EXERCISE THERAPY LAB:Exercise is the mainstay of the science of physiotherapy and is the foundation to pain free and normal bodily movements. The modes of the treatment are not limited to exercise prescription alone. But there is an exciting wide opportunity for professionals in manual therapy. Neuro developmental techniques, pilates etc. This is an important and integral part of managing operative and sports injury cases both of which are throwing new challenges to the physiotherapy professionals. The exercise therapy unit of the Institute receives numerous patients daily with neurological and musculoskeletal problems like cerebral palsy, Hemiplegia, quadiriplegia Muscular dystrophy etc. HYDROTHERAPY LAB:Hydrotherapy on water therapy is the use of water (hot, cold, steam or ice) to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being DAVIPTR has a special hydrotherapy department which is unique in Punjab hydropherapy equipments such as whirlpool, contrast bath and cryotherapy instrument are widely used for managing spasticity and sports injuries. As Jalandhar is a hub of various sporting clubs and college. We receive several sports injuries cases and thus the students attending the hydrotherapy department get to learn the methodology of treatment of sports injuries in their formative years.5

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY:Occupational therapy is the therapeutic use of self care. Work and play activities to increase the independent function, enhance development and prevent disability which include adaptation of task a n d e nv i ro n m e n t to a c h i eve m a x i m u m independence and to enhance quality of life. The department also helps the BPT students in training the patient with disorders of find motor function and accomplishes total rehabilitation of an individual by the knowledge of adaptive devices, ADLS & sensory integration therapy. No other