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Download BPN 2018 Media Kit 2018-01-05آ  BPN INTEGRATED MEDIA REACH Butane-Propane News (BPN) delivers your adver-tising

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  • February 2015 BUTANE-PROPANE NEWS


    Pumping Up Ag Sales

    Feb2015 cover3.indd 1 1/27/15 4:42 PM



    Summertime: Safety Season

    JulyCover-final.indd 1 7/1/15 6:18 AM


    Propane Forklift Outlook

    Propane Forklift Outlook

    May2015 cover70c,30m.indd 1 4/30/15 8:45 PM


    BPN 2018Media Kit The propane industry’s leading source for

    news and information since 1939

  • The Propane Industry’s Trusted Advisor

    As the oldest and most trusted publication in the propane industry, Butane Propane News (BPN) celebrates nearly 80 years as the propane industry’s leading source for news and information among propane industry professionals. Look to BPN for exclusive feature articles, analysis, and extensive coverage of all aspects of the propane industry including residential, commercial, agricultural, legal, regulatory, safety, autogas, and more.

    Today, BPN is read by more than 45,300 industry professionals each month, with 91% reporting BPN as their primary source for comprehensive propane-related coverage, pertinent indus- try news, and key information vital to their businesses. Year after year, BPN consistently delivers the strongest readership among competing publications according to third-party surveys and reputable BPA Worldwide circulation data. BPN values its readers as industry partners and continually seeks ways to provide new information and services to increase our partners’ opportunities for success. One example is BPN’s Gallon Grower$ initiative that showcases new products, trends, and emerging technologies to increase gallons delivered.

    BPN is also trusted by you, our valued advertising partner, to provide media solutions in the propane marketplace, to connect your business with future customers, and put your company at a competitive advantage. Advertisers depend on BPN to deliver the largest audience of owners, decision-makers, and professionals in the multibillion-dollar propane industry whether in print, digital, or social media platforms. Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to working with you in 2018.


    Natalie Peal Publisher

    Dear Valued Partner,

    BPN’s Weekly Propane Newsletter — A Trusted Resource That Delivers More ROI. BPN’s Weekly Propane Newsletter is a comprehensive source for coverage of posted and spot propane prices from virtually all major terminals and refineries across the U.S. The Weekly Propane Newsletter, with its center spread of hundreds of pricing updates, is delivered directly to the “inbox” of subscribers each week, or twice weekly with a Premium Subscrip- tion. This valuable investment pays for itself time and again — one single pricing update, news tip, or commentary can easily boost revenue!

    Each week subscribers receive exclusive market analysis, insightful commentary from leading industry experts, plus items of interest not found elsewhere.

    The Weekly Propane Newsletter is recognized as a valued and reputable source for third-party pricing and audit documenta- tion among companies with indexed-pricing programs.

    Propane In America: The First 100 Years 1912-2012. The extraordinary first century of the propane industry is chronicled in Propane in America: The First 100 Years 1912- 2012, published by BPN. This attractive coffee table book includes historical photographs and highlights of propane’s discovery at the turn of the 20th cen- tury, its initial use as a fuel for lighting, and its evolution to a global source of clean energy for homes, businesses, and as engine fuel. A “must-have” for all industry professionals, hardback and quality paperback copies are available at BPNews.com.


    Butane-Propane News (BPN) magazine has been the propane industry’s leading source for in-depth news and information since 1939. The first publication dedicated solely to the propane in- dustry, BPN offers its advertisers the largest number of print subscribers in the propane in- dustry. This means more pass-along readership—and more bonus copy distribution at industry-related events—to height- en the impact of

    your ad. The majority of propane professionals, 91%, report turning to BPN as their primary source for industry news2. Advertisers consistently reach the

    largest audience of propane industry professionals, 77% of whom are owners and decision makers, as reported by Signet Research. Align your advertising message with professionals in the multibillion-dollar propane industry who regularly turn to BPN each month for the in- dustry information they trust and need.


    12,584 BPN magazine subscribers1

    45,302 Total monthly BPN readership2

    More Propane Decision-Makers Turn to BPN Magazine

    1. BPA Worldwide Circulation Audit, June 2017 2. Signet Research, AdProbe Study June 2017 3. Signet Research, AdProbe Study June 2017 BPN Decision-Makers: Owner, Executive, General Manager 4. Signet Research, AdProbe Study June 2017 BPN Propane Professionals: Supervisor, Buyer/Purchasing Agent, Safety Officer, Autogas Service, Engineer

    91% Report BPN as their primary source for industry news2

    More decision-makers read BPN magazine 77%

    Owners & decision-makers3

    23% Propane industry professionals4

    80% of readers take action2 as a result of seeing an ad in BPN

    Print Advertising Still Works Research tells us: • Reading on paper is slower and deeper • Paper-based reading results in more focused attention • Paper readers comprehend and remember more • Reading on paper is multisensory • Print advertising makes products more desirable




    Butane-Propane News (BPN) delivers your adver- tising message to the most influential and engaged propane professionals in the industry. With more cutting-edge content and information for the propane industry than any other

    media outlet, BPN’s integrated media platform allows advertis- ers to reach the largest audience of decision- makers in the propane community and gives advertisers more value than ever before.


    12,584 Qualified BPN magazine subscribers1

    45,300+ Total Monthly BPN Readership2

    98,084 BPNews.com Page Views3

    32,694 BPNews.com Unique Visitors4

    11,100+ Opt-In Email Subscribers5

    Reach Your Target Audience With BPN’s Integrated Media Platform

    1. June 2017 BPA Worldwide Circulation Audit 2. June 2017 Signet Research, AdProbe Study, 3.6 Pass-Along Readership rate 3. Google Anayltics, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2017 4. Google Anayltics, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2017 5. Constant Contact 6. Combined Facebook/Twitter Post Reach

    To discuss a customized marketing solution that achieves your sales objectives contact Tara Molina-Partika at (800) 214-4386 or email Tara@BPNews.com

    91% of propane professionals report BPN magazine as their primary source for

    industry news2, compared to only 68% reporting another trade publication.

    Take advantage of more than 68,977 opportunities each month to reach your target audience.


    Pass-Along Readership

    Opt-In Email Subscribers

    Social Media Reach

    Unique Website Visitors

    BPN magazine subscribers - 12,584 Pass-Along Readership 3.6 people - 32,718 Opt-in Email subscribers - 11,100+ Social Media reach6 - 9,850 Unique monthly website visitors - 2,725

    32,718 12,584




    68,977 opportunities to connect with a

    highly-targeted propane audience each month.


    BPNews.com is the No. 1-visited

    website by propane decision-mak-

    ers. In 2017, new visitors to the site

    grew 57%1. Making BPN part of your marketing program will increase your

    branding and awareness, cultivate

    lead generation prospects, increase

    sales, and drive traffic to your website

    or promotion. BPN’s digital advertising options are a powerful, cost-effective tool

    to position your business as an industry

    leader and increase your revenue.

    BPNews.com Metrics The Online Home of Propane Decision-Makers

    1. Google Analytics, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2017 2. Constant Contact 3. Combined Facebook/Twitter Post Reach avg.

    To discuss a customized marketing solution that achieves your sales objectives contact Tara Molina-Partika at (800) 214-4386 or email Tara@BPNews.com


    57% of BPNews.com website traffic

    in 2017 was from new visitors.

    98,084 BPNews.com page views1

    61,800 BPNews.com visits1

    32,694 BPNews.com unique visitors1

    11,100+ Opt-in Email subscribers2

    9,850 Social media reach3


  • By aligning your brand with BPN’s trusted online content, your message will reach tens of thou- sands of pro- pane industry professionals who need and purchase your products and services.

    Industry mem- bers turn to BPNews.com for the most up-to-date industry infor- mation, breaking propane news, announcements, commentary, analysis, and other resources.

    Banner advertising provides a cost-effective op- portunity to expand your advertising reach and drive traf