beautiful savior lutheran church ??s proclaim our beautiful savior in word and deed by ... please...

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    BSLC Mission: To connect family, friends, neighbors

    and community with our Beautiful Savior.

    BSLC Vision: To become a congregation of committed

    disciples growing in faith in God, and known in our

    community for our spirit, hospitality, and compassion.

    At the August Quarterly Meeting, I asked those in attendance to write down three things

    that they felt this congregation should be focused on for the near future. I compiled the

    answers and put them on cards that have hung in Werner Hall for the last few weeks

    with the invitation to go over and group the cards as you saw them interconnecting with

    other cards. The collage of ideas has shifted over time with the cards migrating and

    being organized in different ways. It has solidified into a picture of what we should

    focus on.

    The image I see is one of a Tree of Faith: Rooted, Reaching, and Bearing Fruit. We

    have planted the tree of faith and it has rooted (Faith Formation). Now is the time to

    help it flourish by helping it branch out to the community (Outreach/Service) and bear its

    fruit (youth & family). We are rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ, but we must continue

    our study and reflection on what that means- discipleship. Nourished in our faith we

    reach out, sharing and caring, showing the love of God in Jesus Christ in the world.

    Finally, like all living things, this tree knows that it must bear fruit and bring in the next

    generation. [There were two other groupings that some might see as distinct. One is,

    as they are more outcomes than process (bigger church, more members, more money,

    etc.). The other is a collection that I see rightly by the collection of faith formation and

    outreach. That deals with what we might call invitation

    What are we going to do as a congregation to live out our Mission and Vision as we

    focus our efforts to Root, Reach, and Bear fruit? How will they all interplay? How will

    our Ministry Teams organize themselves and plan to better live out all of this? How will

    the Church Council organize to live this out? How will our Mission Plan be affected by

    all of this? How will the staff prioritize effort augment the congregations future focus?

    Lots of questions as we go forward, but we go forward in Faith!

    So some possible ways to respond to those questions:

    1) Ministry Teams- evaluate what you do and how you do it. Dream, design, and

    plan ways of going forward using the Mission, Vision and Focus. Look at your

    Mission Planning forms and plan ahead.

    Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Tucson, Arizona

    Vol 38 No 9 SEPTEMBER 2015

    A Monthly Publication of

    Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

    Office Hours:

    Mon-Thurs 9:30 AM - 4:00PM

    Fri-Sun CLOSED

    Phone: 744-2665 Fax: 572-2068



    Beautiful Savior Academy





    FOOD. FAITH. FURTHER 5:00-8:00 P.M.


    6:00 PM

    Our Mission

    To connect family,

    friends, neighbors and

    community with our

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    Beautiful Savior Lutheran

    is a member of the

    Grand Canyon Synod of

    the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


    The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, Presiding Bishop

    The Rev. Stephen Talmage, Synod Bishop

    Pastor Rev. David L. Pavesic

    (520) 275-2410 for emergencies

    Facebook: PrDavid Pavesic

    Office Administrator Dorothy Pederson Admin & Clerical

    Staff Jeremy Knight Director of Music &

    Faith Formation Coordinator

    Rebecca Solomon Accompanist

    Academy Rhonda Karrer Director

    Shanda Sundberg Assistant Director

    Candace Camamo Kindergarten Teacher

    Carrie Munyon Preschool Teacher

    Lisa Vaskovic Preschool Teacher

    Charlene DeWitt Preschool Teacher

    Linda Spain Preschool Aide

    Sharon Burgess Preschool Teacher

    Kelly Jennings Preschool Aide

    Rebecca Vorholzer Preschool Aide

    Stephanie Arellano Aftercare Teacher

    Congregation Council Betsy Marco *President

    Brian Ackerman *Vice-President

    Christine Newman *Secretary

    Joan Swanson Mission Support

    Shannon Bryant Living Lutheran

    Sarah Claasen Faith Formation

    Mary Perry Co-Treasurer

    Sandy Petersen Treasurer Sig Smitt Offering Secretary

    Karen Johnson Counters

    Church Related and Supported Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA

    Lutheran Social Services of the SW

    Lutheran Campus Ministry at UA

    CA Lutheran University,

    Thousand Oaks, CA

    Submit articles, photos,

    and updates for the calendar

    no later than the 10th

    of each month, please.

    Christ In Our Home Daily Devotionals Available

    $3.00 Large Print

    $1.50 Small Print

    Available in the Narthex

    Put envelope in the offering plate.

    2015 Flower chart ~

    is Available in the Narthex Flowers must be paid for when you

    reserve a date... please give the check to

    Sandy Petersen or place in the offering

    plate. Celebrate a special occasion, or

    remember a special person, etc.

    Cost is $35. Please make check payable

    to Beautiful Savior.

    Lutherans Linger Longer

    (L L L) Please come and enjoy a

    Cup of coffee and a goodie

    Every Sunday after worship.

    Werner Hall BSLC

    Name Tags are Available! Would you like to learn names, or have others learn yours? Pick up a nametag

    order form in the narthex, fill it out, and put it in the offering plate. Nametags are $8. Write additional names on a sheet of

    paper if needed. Please mention if you cannot use the magnets.

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    Gods Work, Our Hands Day Sunday, September 13, 2015

    Lets proclaim our Beautiful Savior in Word and Deed by

    showing the community that Gods Work is being done

    through Beautiful Saviors hands.

    Information and sign-up sheets for the following ideas are in

    the narthex, please consider choosing one and helping out:

    Would you like to put a smile on a childs face?

    Jazmyns Blanket of Hope will be visiting Banner Diamond childrens center.

    Do you enjoy cooking? And like kids?

    SPLASH House Eat and Play! We will cook a simple meal at church and then

    take the prepared food to a neighborhood foster home . We will then deliver the

    food, and spend time with the children and house parents.

    Like to bake bookies? Make people smile?

    Greet & Treat. Help by baking or preparing cookies for delivery. Dough will be

    purchased from Costco. Sign up to bake or deliver cookies, recommend a local

    business or agency in our neighborhood as a recipient.

    Love the Dollar Store?

    Totes and Toiletries for ICS Clients. Take home one of the plastic totes on

    September 6 or 13. Fill it up with at least 5 of the recommended products from

    the list and return them to church by September 20th. (Delivery date TBD)

    Like to Walk? Enjoy seeing how other people have landscaped?

    ICS Food Drive. We will hang bags on neighborhood doors on September 6 and

    return to pick them up on the 13th.


    Water! Walk local parks and shopping centers to hand out cool drinks.


    Sunday, September 13th Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

    10:00 a.m.Noon Sponsored by Walgreens.

    Free with most insurance plans.

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    Lets work together to earn additional funds for our school! There are several ways that you can help earn additional funds for Beautiful Savior Academy with very little effort on your part. By simply shopping at Frys and Target we will earn a percentage of your

    purchases. Please take a few moments and follow the directions below to connect to our school.

    Please note that all Frys customers must re-enroll in the community rewards program yearly. We will

    not receive any additional funds from your purchases until you reactivate your enrollment.

    Frys Community Rewards Program:

    *If you do not have an online Frys account, please go to to set one up

    before following the directions below.

    1. Go to

    2. Select Sign-in

    3. Enter your email and password then select sign-in

    4. Select My Account, you should see Account Summary at the top

    5. Scroll down, Click ENROLL under Community Rewards. If prompted,

    enter personal information

    6. Under Find Your Organization:

    Enter the NPO number 80660 for Beautiful Savior Academy

    7. Under Select Your Organization: Select box next to your organization

    8. Then select save changes

    9. If you have registered correctly, you should now see your organization information

    listed under Community Rewards on your Account Summary Page

    Q Target Take Charge of Education

    Connect your Target Visa Credit Card, Target Credit Card or Target Check Card to Beautiful

    Savior Academy by visiting or call 1-800-316-6142

    Our Target School Code is 15


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