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Arum DataEye is a performance management dashboard. With DataEye you get: * Arum's credit management expertise * Real time operational information * An experience tailored for each type of user * Modern, easily maintained software Find out more at


  • 1. The Management Dashboard that gives you Management Information in real-time
    Tanya AndersonJohn FraserofArum Systems

2. Common problems with MI
3. Alert to Mobile!
4. DataEye Confirms the Problem
5. Payments So Far Today
payments below target
6. The Source of the Problem
Team 4 is lagging
7. After Reallocation of People
payments recovering
8. Job Done - Back to the MI
9. How Arum DataEye Works
Describe how you get the KPIs from your own data
Define your own KPIs
Arum DataEye gathers the data and calculates and displays the KPIs