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Sierra Pacific Packaging Customer Service Rep Opportunity


  • 1. Five Reasons
    To Consider Kurt Kiesling
    To Be A Part Of The
    Sierra Pacific Packaging Team
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2. Five Reasons
Hi, Im Kurt. Id like to
take a moment and share
with you why I think I would
make a great addition to
your team as one of your
Customer Service
3. Five Reasons
Creative Problem Solving
Broad Skill Set
Fiercely Loyal
Knows The Win
Fast Learner
4. #1: Creative Problem Solving
5. Imagination is
more important
than knowledge.
Albert Einstein
6. #1: Creative Problem Solving
Works For Win-Win
Others Focused
Thinks Outside Box
Unique Ability To Connect The Dots
Understands The Value Of Listening
Key to avoid throwing money at problem
7. #2: Broad Skill Set
8. #2: Broad Skill Set
Excellent Communication Skills
Both Traditional & Contemporary Mediums:
Public Speaking, Presentations, Writing,
Email, Social Media, Skype (video)
9. #2: Broad Skill Set
Well Developed Computer Skills
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
CRM Software (ACT, Salesforce);
Project Management (Project Kickstart)
10. #2: Broad Skill Set
Strong Collaborative Skills
Works well within team setting, able to bring out strengths of others
Able to work across teams, communicates well
with speaks the language of sales,
marketing, accounting, design & engineering
Plays nice with others
11. #3: Fiercely Loyal
Understands Leadership
Ruthless In Support Of Leaders/Organization
Understands Power Of Team
The Value Of Cohesive Team Members
Understands Unity
A Key For Success
12. #3: Fiercely Loyal
People want to be part of something larger than themselves. They want to be part of something theyre really proud of, that theyll fight for, sacrifice for, that they trust.Howard Schultz, Starbucks
13. #4: Knows The Win
Winning Involves AUnique Combination
+ ++
14. #4: Knows The Win
My Goal
Provide a level of service, care, support and
problem-solving so great that it leads to
increased revenue with both existing and new
+ ++
15. #4: Knows The Win
Help The Client Win
Lower Costs, Collapse Time-Frames, Increase
Sales, Build Sustainable Excitement
When The Client Wins: WE WIN
+ ++
16. #5: Fast Learner
Sierra Pacificnext
Valuable Team Member0.5 m
Understands Learning Curve
Committed To Success,
Hard Work and Diligent Study
17. Thank You!
I look forward to speaking with
you. I will call on Tuesday (3/23)
to see if you are interested in
talking further.
Contact Info:
Kurt A. Kiesling