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Five Freebies in 15 Minutes. CyberTour Computers in Libraries 2007 Crystal City, Va. Janie Hermann Technology Training Librarian Princeton Public Library. Word Processor and Office Suite Freebies. Great alternative to pricey software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Five Freebies in 15 MinutesCyberTourComputers in Libraries 2007Crystal City, VaJanie HermannTechnology Training Librarian Princeton Public Library

  • Word Processor and Office Suite FreebiesGreat alternative to pricey softwareOften provide sharing features not available in traditional office suitesFiles stored remotely (can be accessed anywhere at any time)ExamplesajaxwriteyourdraftGoogle Docs & Spreadsheets

  • Calendar FreebiesYou and friends/family can access your schedule anywhereMany will synch with PDAs and OutlookMultiple schedules on one calendar via color coding systemsExamples30 BoxesCozi Central

  • Streaming Music FreebiesCreate Customized Playlists and StationsListen while you work without advertisements or DJsExamplesPandora LastFM

  • Photo FreebiesSingle Integrated Search Site for Creative Commons PhotographsEveryStockPhotoCreate posters, mosaics, custom business cards, and much more with your photosMoofds Flickr toys from

  • Downloadable FreebiesLocate freeware and shareware using FileHippo.comTwo favorite freebies:CCleaner Cleans temporary and cache files from Firefox and IEAllows computer to run fasterFixes registry issuesLogMeInAllows remote control of a computer connected to the Internet (multiple security layers)

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