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Five Tips in Ten Minutes. Conversion Thursday London 13 th Oct 2011. L3 Analytics. L3 Analytics is a web analytics consultancy The focus is on simplifying web analytics for companies And on using the data to improve business performance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Five Tips in Ten Minutes

Five Tips in Ten MinutesConversion Thursday London13th Oct 20111L3 AnalyticsL3 Analytics is a web analytics consultancyThe focus is on simplifying web analytics for companiesAnd on using the data to improve business performance

I am not a salesperson so lets get onto the real stuff

But I am an analyst so one thing first...KPI people who get at least one useful tipTarget three quarters of the room

13th Oct 2011Page 2

Tip #1 Social Media Tracking There are four types of Social Media trafficMake sure you identify them all uniquelyPaid marketing on social networksUse web analytics campaign trackingContent posted on social networksUse web analytics campaign trackingLinks generated through visitors clicking on buttons to share your content e.g.Incorporate web analytics campaign tracking in the URLs generatedLinks posted on social networks by 3rd partiesGroup domains under a new channel name through Marketing Channels if using SiteCatalyst or profile filters if using GA

See Oct 2011Page 3

Tip #2 Campaign Tracking ToolsStaying on the topic of campaign tracking with web analytics toolsDO IT!!!Provides you with a single view of all traffic sources to your websiteAllows you to view behaviour of visitors from different campaignsRequires adding campaign parameters to landing page URLI have created Excel tools that helpGA tools are live & SiteCatalyst should be tomorrowAll tools simply require you to enter campaign link details and press the buttonCampaign details being URL, channel, campaign and other meta data

See OR Oct 2011Page 4GA Social Media URL Builder13th Oct 2011Page 5

Other GA Campaign URL Builders13th Oct 2011Page 6

SiteCatalyst Campaign URL BuilderDefine channels and meta data

One worksheet per channel

Extract complete set of data to upload via SAINT

13th Oct 2011Page 7

Tip #3 Track Repeat CustomersThe behaviour of repeat customers is very different from new customersTherefore segment reports based on customer typeBUT you cant rely on cookiesSolution => extract information on previous purchase behaviour at point when visitors login Whether creating account, logging in within or outside checkout process, or arriving on the website with a persistent loginThis wont work for customers who guest checkoutExtract the number of previous purchases & total purchase valueRecord this data in an event in GA or an eVar in SiteCatalystSegment away...

See Oct 2011Page 8Tip #4 First Invest in ResourcesWe now have another expensive Web Analytics tool in the marketCompanies are investing big sums in their web analytics toolsI have a simple rule for you

Do not spend 50k+ on a web analytics tool if you havent got at least two full time internal web analysts

You will get more value from hiring more peopleUse a free or cheaper tool in the meantime when there are questions which cant be answered by that tool, then upgradeA more expensive tool wont provide the answers alone without the craftspeople who know how to use it13th Oct 2011Page 9Tip #5 My Favourite ReportThis data should be available through any web analytics tool I can get it (nearly) via a standard report in GAIt is Traffic Sources vs Entry Points with metrics of % Entries and Bounce RateMust have content grouped using profile filters in GA or s.prop in SiteCatalystThis can be site sections, page types or something else relevantCan extend the analysis with engagement metrics or conversion ratesMakes it easy to identify problem areas (high Bounce Rate) an indication of scale of problem (high % Entries) at multiple levels= actionable insights!!

13th Oct 2011Page 10Setting up the report in GAUse your Content Grouping ProfileSelect Landing Pages reportSelect the Pivot visualisationChange the pivot dimension to MediumAdd a second pivot metric of Bounce RateExtract insights...13th Oct 2011Page 11

Using the data in Excel13th Oct 2011Page 12

Thank YouFor more tips...


13th Oct 2011Page 13