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A key component of collaboration at Use All Five is giving and getting feedback. Our Senior Producer, Seth Shamban, put together this presentation with some best practices for everyone on our team to consider, whether they’re critiquing a design or reviewing code. At the end of the presentation, we put our best practices into action right away. We each took five minutes to draw picture of something that begins with the letter A. Then we paired up and gave feedback on the drawings. Following the feedback session, we presented our drawings and share the feedback best practice that had stuck out to us the most during the session.


  • 1. USE ALL FIVEFeedback Best PracticesAugust 28, 2014UA5FEEDBACK

2. FEEDBACKFEEDBACKGIVEGETALWAYSUSE ALL FIVE 2 3. FEEDBACKWhat is Feedback?USE ALL FIVE 3 4. FEEDBACKHard.USE ALL FIVE 4 5. FEEDBACKPersonal.USE ALL FIVE 5 6. FEEDBACKWhy and how we work together.USE ALL FIVE 6 7. How can we make feedback more effectiveand less painful? 8. FEEDBACKFEEDBACKGIVEGETALWAYSUSE ALL FIVE 8 9. FEEDBACKAsk QuestionsUnderstand the perspective of the recipient before you givefeedback.USE ALL FIVE 9 10. FEEDBACKPraise EffortExpress appreciation for time spent to get the work done.USE ALL FIVE 10 11. FEEDBACKTie Back to the Big PictureRelate your feedback to the project goals and context.USE ALL FIVE 11 12. FEEDBACKSpeak From ExperienceAvoid generalizations and describe your own thoughtsand feelings.USE ALL FIVE 12 13. FEEDBACKBe BriefKeep feedback short and to the point.USE ALL FIVE 13 14. FEEDBACKOffer to HelpMaintain a teammember perspective and pitch in to improvethe work based on your feedback.USE ALL FIVE 14 15. FEEDBACKFEEDBACKGIVEGETALWAYSUSE ALL FIVE 15 16. FEEDBACKEmbrace Creative DestructionApproach feedback as an opportunity to improve. Dontbe afraid to start over or throw out some work and go in adifferent direction.USE ALL FIVE 16 17. FEEDBACKTranslate to GoalsYou are responsible for cultivating a list of actionable tasksbased on the feedback youre given.USE ALL FIVE 17 18. FEEDBACKValue FeedbackFeedback is an opportunity to understand your work from adifferent point of view.USE ALL FIVE 18 19. FEEDBACKSay Thank YouIt takes a lot of time and thought to give good feedback.Remember to say thank you.USE ALL FIVE 19 20. FEEDBACKFEEDBACKGIVEGETALWAYSUSE ALL FIVE 20 21. FEEDBACKBe PresentGive feedback about only what is being presented. Leave pastwork and future opportunities at the door.USE ALL FIVE 21 22. FEEDBACKBe SpecificDont speak in generalities.USE ALL FIVE 22 23. FEEDBACKShare Your FeelingsLet the other person know if youre having a bad day or areanxious about an upcoming meeting.USE ALL FIVE 23 24. FEEDBACKIn SummaryAsk QuestionsPraise EffortTie Back to the Big PictureSpeak from ExperienceBe BriefOffer to HelpTranslate to GoalsEmbrace Creative DestructionValue FeedbackSay Thank YouBe PresentBe SpecificShare You FeelingsListen for UnderstandingUSE ALL FIVE 24 25. Thank you. 26. FEEDBACKFurther ReadingApply Schumpeterianism to Push Through Criticism and GetThings DoneHow to Take Constructive Criticism Like a ChampHow to Talk About Sensitive Topics so That People Will ListenUSE ALL FIVE 26