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Team productivity can be difficult, but it is important for the success of the business. Some over look its importance, they think it will cost too much and they wont get the return on investment, well we are here to give you some tips. Read the presentation to find out how you can improve team productivity without it costing anything at all. After noticing the difference, you may even want to pay bigger impact.


  • 1. We are a services based company, and because of this our team is our most important asset. We have no shiny product to present; our team make sales through their enthusiasm and cohesion. So we are always looking into ways on improving our team and the overall productivity of the business. ways to improve team productivity 5

2. Find people that are as passionate about your business and its cause as you are. A bunch of motivated and inspired people that are bonded together through a common cause is bound to boost productivity. Work with passionate people 1 You need to define your cause, attract people who are equally dedicated to it and dont lose sight of what you are trying to achieve. 3. Even though we are all passionate about the success of the business, sometimes we go in different directions to accomplish goals set. Always try to align your team to a single direction. Five people working together and charging in the same direction is more powerful than 5 people spreading out their efforts. Encourage mutual goals 2 4. If you dont have people challenging the way things are done, if you are stifling creativity and inventiveness and if you are not allowing dissent, then youre not going to have an engaged team. As a leader, you need to encourage diversity with thinking and approach. As long as the feedback is professional, has the cause in mind and will benefit our team and clients, I say, bring it on. Encourage feedback 3 5. Set targets and goals in small quantities that are attainable and not overwhelming. Then sprinkle in more goals and targets as your team completes them. If you are laying out reasonable goals for your team, and they are simply not doing what they are supposed to, then you may have other issues on your hands. Create steady growth for indaviduals 4 6. One of the most important elements to a team is constant communication. Whether that is e-mail, phone meetings, in- person meetings or Skype, having open channels of communication is crucial to a company's success. Having an online cloud is extremely helpful when files, events, brainstorming sessions, tasks and other items build up. Maintain communication 5 gurmej@mejimedia.com 7. Click here to find out more about how we can help your team productivity "Finding good players is easy... Getting them to play together is another story." Thank you for watching gurmej@mejimedia.com


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