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This SS shows you how to make your PC faster efficient and more secure.


  • 1. Ways TO improve your pc
    Please dont copy this
    (this presentation is recommended to help speed up Windows XP)
    (Compatible with Vista and 7)

2. Windows Upgrade
Your computer can be upgraded from windows
XP Home Edition
7 Ultimate
Each operating System requires a certain amount of RAM
This PowerPoint supports these operating systems on your right
256 MB 512 MB
1 GB2 GB 3 GB4 GB
Best Option
5 GB 6 GB 7 GB
3. Better Browsing
If you are running Internet Explorer 7 or lower, upgrade to these current browsers.
There is a difference from IE7 and IE8.
IE8Firefox 3Google chrome
4. Slow computer
If your computer is slow, it is because of these reasons
Viruses and spyware
Low disk space
Low memory
A lot of error messages
5. Basic Security
Make Sure you
Have a firewall Turned On
Install Automatic Updates regularly
Have an up to date antivirus software on your computer thats enabled
6. Antivirus software
If your pc doesnt have a virus protection program, GET ONE! It will protectscan and clean your pc against viruses, spyware, malware, adware, worms, and Trojan horses.
Do not use multiple antivirus software! They will conflict with each other!
If need be upgrade to internet security (recommended)
If you are using McAfee, G data, F secure, K7 computing or Symantec upgrade to Total or Endpoint Protection. If you use Norton Upgrade to Norton 360
Click here to find more Antivirus Software
7. Cant Afford antivirus software?
No Problem
Click Here or the icon to download Microsoft Security Essentials
Virus scanning and removal
Spyware Scanning and removal
Malware Scanning and removal
Auto Updates
Attachment Scanning
An alternative is Windows Live safety scanner.
Note Windows Live Safety scanner is recommended if you think your pc is infected and your security software does not work.
Note 2 WLSS will perform a full service scan on your pc and try to remove all infected files. The scan might take more than an hour to complete depending on the # of programs and files on your pc.
It does not run in the background so for that reason, get an antivirus program
8. Fake ware
Be careful! Some antivirus software are fake and have hidden threats!
It can be severe if not removed! It may
Cause pc to restart repeatedly
Compromise settings
cause permanent damage to your computer!
Anything which the word starts with Anti (Virus), (Spyware),(Malware),(Worm),(Trojan)
Anything which the first word includes XP, Vista or 7
MS antivirus (dont confuse with Microsoft Antivirus or Microsoft security essentials)
Paladin Antivirus
Anything that has Total Security in its name (dont confuse with McAfee total protection)
Anything which names start with PC (dont confuse with pctools)
Malware Alarm and doctor (dont confuse with Zone Alarm and spyware doctor)
Anything that starts with security in its name
Anything that starts with Internet security
Anything that starts with Virus, Spyware, Malware
Zinaps Antivirus
Click Here to see more fake software
9. Got infected with fake software?
If have or think you might have fake software on your pc delete it at once
Dont use Add or remove Programs in your control panel
1 Open your internet browser. If you have Firefox use the safe mode feature
2 Fake ware will hijack task manager so dont use it instead use process explorer to end the software running in the background
3 Use Malwarebytes to scan and remove the fake program
Restart your computer to take effect
(NOTE: Rouge Security Software is usually powered by the internet. So you can also cut off the internet to prevent more Trojans)
10. Registry cleaners
If your pc is having error messages appear, install these registry cleaners!
This will ensure that you have a fresh start
11. Disk management
You can also speed up your pc by using disk cleanup, and/or disk defragmenter.
Heres how to do it.
1 Open the start Menu
2 Go to All programs
3 Open Accessories folder
4 Go to System Tools Folder
5 Select Disk cleanup or defragmenter
12. Programs
If your computer is running slow, it is probably because of too much programs on the disk.
To free space, delete unused programs.
Just open the control panel section in the start menu.
For XP go to Add or remove Programs
For Vista and 7go to Programs and features
13. Backup
IMPORTANT You should back up your files and operating system.
Also you can use the system restore feature to restore your pc to a certain point in time.
If you use XP you can use a floppy disk or cd.
For Vista and 7 use a cd.
14. End of show
Any Questions?
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