ways to improve surabaya cuisine

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Ways to Improve Surabaya Cuisine. By: Culinary 1. Food Tasting. Wednesday, 6 th February 2013. Ms Anita and Mr Eric tasted Lontong Balap. Mr Tom tasted Fried Duck. Ms Tracey tasted Rujak Cingur. Ms Moira tasted Ronde. Mr Lyndon tasted Sate Kelopo. Ms Toyin tasted Tahu Campur. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Ways to improve Surabaya cuisine

Ways to Improve Surabaya CuisineBy: Culinary 1

Food TastingWednesday, 6th February 2013

Ms Tracey tasted Rujak CingurMr Tom tasted Fried Duck

Ms Anita and Mr Eric tasted Lontong Balap

Ms Moira tasted RondeMr Lyndon tasted Sate KelopoMs Toyin tasted Tahu Campur

Complete Survey FormLike/Dislike, Reasons and Suggestions

Survey ResultRondeLike ReasonsDislikeReasonsSuggestionsTaste4The peanut flavor and ginger. --Make outside flavorful.IngredientsVery sweet, healthy. Add to vanilla ice cream, white color, make the ronde smaller Serving/appearance likeVery attractive,-packagingGreat packagingMetal bowl is goodNot too goodIts using plastic spoon its not good for environmentUse metal spoon, no plastic.Lontong BalapLike ReasonsDislikeReasonsSuggestionsTaste6

Chili, flavor, smokey, spicey Make sure the food is still fresh.IngredientsGood, sprout, tofuDo not add any more spicy, add some meat, chicken. Add cilantro, remove MSG and veggies.Serving/appearance Like allGood size, neatly prepareAdd colourful veggies and make the soup more not brown.packagingGood, like all Separate, then we can mix by ourselves, a perfect size bowl for 1 personDont change it. No plastic, serve it in traditional reusable dishes.Satay KelopoLike ReasonsDislikeReasonsSuggestionsTaste5 (like, good, tasty, yummy)Delicious bbq taste, sweat, smokey,yummy.-Not very flavorfulDont add anything, good sauces, make it less fatIngredients6 (like, nice,)Meat is clean, not fatty, peanut sauce, very tasty, yummy and freshA little fatty, more sate sauce, mix with chili and mint or cilantro. Add anythingServing/appearance packagingEasy to handle,

Very neat, wood is biodegrabdable

Need to be cover, decoration on the plate

Lontong BalapLike ReasonsDislikeReasonsSuggestionsTasteIngredientsServing/appearance packagingLontong BalapLike ReasonsDislikeReasonsSuggestionsTasteIngredientsServing/appearance packaging11Survey ResultLontong BalapLike ReasonsDislikeReasonsSuggestionsTasteIngredientsServing/appearance packagingConclusion From the taste of the food, people have many different kinds of perspective from like to dislike. Also based from the ingredients. Theres many kinds of people perspective like thinking about the healthy and some people think about the taste like too spicy or normal. From the serving sometimes they thing about the portion from small to large. And some expatriate think that the appearance is colorful but sometimes expatriate thing that the appearance is not to good like the color. And also more adding the garnish to make it interesting. The packaging is also not eco-friendly because they use plastic and Styrofoam. Maybe people need to use an eco-friendly packaging to save the earth. And adding more dishes/food utensil like n\knife, and spoon. To make it easy to eat.What has government done to promote Surabaya Cuisine? Usually Bu Risma , Surabaya city mayor, serves Rawon and other Surabaya cuisine to the visitor from other regions or other country.

www.sparklingsurabaya.com Create Web/Blog14


What has government done to promote Surabaya Cuisine?

Food Festival


http://www.surabayafood.com/ What has public done to promote Surabaya Cuisine?They keep eating Surabaya food.

Open stalls in the mall/Foodcourt17Strategies to Promote Surabaya CuisineAdvertise Brochure Join some sponsorModify it to have better garnice and various packagingEducate the seller to improve there hygiene, packagingMaking blogNot only eating western food, try eating Surabaya food.Opening more traditional food restaurantMake the young generation likes to eat Surabaya food.


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