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Tudor Henry VII lesson


  • 1. WALT: Discover how theTudors came to thethrone WILFS:L4 Describe the story of how Henry VII came to the throne.L5 Explain the factors of how Henry came to power.L6 Compare Henry VII problems coming to the throne.L7 Evaluate which problem was the most challenging.KEY WORDS:CIVIL WAR: A war between citizens of the same countryREIGN: The period in which a monarch rulesMONARCH: King or the Queen of a country, the ruler.

2. A-B-C-E-F-H-J-K-L-M-N-P-R-S-T-U-W-Y-ArthurBosworthCrown HillEdmundFranceHenryJasperKing Edward IIILancastrianMaryNetherlandsParliamentRoyal taxesStar ChamberTewkesburyUniteWalesYorkYou each have been given aletter of the alphabet.You need to read through theinformation pick out a piece ofinformation for your letter andfeedbackWith your shoulder partner:Now reduce this down to the 9most important points ofHenry VII life!BosworthEdmundKing Edward IIILancastrianNetherlandsParliamentRoyal taxesUniteWalesYork 3. Roses 4. TASK: SummariesNow write a short summary of Henrys life using the keywords from the box opposite.For a level 4: You need to describe the life of Henry VIIFor a level 5: You need to explain how he came topower. What was needed.For a level 6: Have you given more than one problemthat Henry faced when he came to the throne?For a level 7: You need to decide which was the biggestproblem, how successful was he in dealing with all theproblems?Extension Fill in the top trump for Henry VII using the information.Write a sentence telling me if he was a good king or not? 5. SWAPFor a level 4: You need to describe the life of Henry VIIFor a level 5: You need to explain how he came to power.For a level 6: Have you given more than one problem that Henry facedwhen he came to the throne?For a level 7: You need to decide which was the biggest problem, howsuccessful was he in dealing with all the problems?How has your partner done? Give them a level.4A Excellent description, 4B Okay description, 4C Just described.WWW: You explained how Henry came to power, you compared twoproblems well.EBI: You needed to tell me which problem was worse and whether hedealt with them well.LIT: You needed to use more keywords! Spellings = Monarch. 6. QuizWhich House did Henry belong to?Which Houses was the War of the Roses fought between?Who was Henrys Father?Who did Henry defeat to become king?Name one problem that he faced as King?Give me one solution?Give me one major life event? 7. Name:TitleBorn:Died:Reined:POWER:PROBLEMS:SOLUTIONS:RELIGION:EXTRA INFO:SCOREName:TitleBorn:Died:Reined:POWER:PROBLEMS:SOLUTIONS:RELIGION:EXTRA INFO:SCOREName:TitleBorn:Died:Reined:POWER:PROBLEMS:SOLUTIONS:RELIGION:EXTRA INFO:SCOREName:TitleBorn:Died:Reined:POWER:PROBLEMS:SOLUTIONS:RELIGION:EXTRA INFO:SCOREName:TitleBorn:Died:Reined:POWER:PROBLEMS:SOLUTIONS:RELIGION:EXTRA INFO:SCOREName:TitleBorn:Died:Reined:POWER:PROBLEMS:SOLUTIONS:RELIGION:EXTRA INFO:SCORE 8. Henry: Henry Tudor was born in1457 in Wales. His father was Edmund Tudor. At the time of his birth, England and Wales wereinvolved in the Wars of the Roses. He belonged to the House of Lancaster, which was fighting the House of York, for control ofthe country. Henrys mother Margaret was a descendant of King Edward III, which gave Henry a claim to the throne. Margaretgave her son to the care of his uncle, Jasper Tudor. When Henry was aged 14, Edward IV won power for the House of York in theBattle of Tewkesbury. Many Lancastrians died as a result of the battle. Jasper ran away with Henry to France.Claim to the English Throne: Edward IV died in 1483, and his brother Richard stole the throne making himself Richard III. Henrywas now the leading Lancastrian claim to the English crown, and saw his support grow. He promised his supporters that if hebecame king he would marry Edward IV's daughter, Elizabeth of York; which united the two houses of York and Lancaster, whowere fighting each other in the Wars of the Roses.The Battle of Bosworth: In 1485 marched across Wales and England to meet Richard III's forces at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Inthe battle, Richard III was killed and Henry was crowned King Henry VII at the top of Crown Hill. Parliament supported his claim tobe king.Henry married Elizabeth of York, uniting the House of Lancaster and the House of York. He adopted the Tudor rose as the symbolof England ending the Wars of the Roses. They had four children: Arthur, Margaret, Henry and Mary. His wife Elizabeth died inchildbirth.Keeping Power: Henry VII's grip on power was far from secure. His claim to the throne was shaky and there were lots of plotsagainst Henry. He helped his position by treaties with France and the Netherlands that helped trade between the three countries.In 1503 he arranged the marriage of his daughter, Margaret Tudor, to James IV of Scotland in order to make peace between thetwo countries. Henry also arranged a marriage between his eldest son, Arthur, and the Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon, in1501. But in 1502 the 15-year-old Arthur Tudor died suddenly at Ludlow Castle, leaving Catherine a widow and making his youngerbrother, Henry, the new heir to the throne. Catherine should marry the young Henry instead, this happened in 1509.Tudor State: Henry VII improved the amount of money that the monarchy had by avoiding war, promoting trade and collectingroyal taxes. This meant he was able to leave a fortune to his son, the future Henry VIII.Henry VII began the work of building a modern country. The Court of Star Chamber was set up to deal with punishing criminals.Crime was reduced in Wales and the north through the creation of special councils and more powers were given to Judges. HenryVII's laws increased the power of the King.Death: Henry VII died of Tuberculosis on 21st April 1509 and was buried at Westminster Abbey. He left a safe throne, a richgovernment and a united country. Henry VII was followed as king by his second son, Henry VIII.


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