henry vii, also known as henry tudor, was the first of the tudor monarchs and reigned from 1485-...

Download Henry VII, also known as Henry Tudor, was the first of the Tudor monarchs and reigned from 1485- 1509. (1485-1509)

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  • Henry VII, also known as Henry Tudor, was the first of the Tudor monarchs and reigned from 1485-1509. (1485-1509)

  • Henry Tudor, named after his father, Henry VII, was born by Elizabeth of York June 28 1491 in Greenwich Palace. (1509-1547)

  • Edward VI ruled from 1547 to 1553.Edward was a poorly boy and died at the age of only 15!

  • Lady Jane Grey was going to get coroneted when Bloody Mary killed her so SHE could be Queen!! 9 days

  • Bloody Mary is only called Bloody Mary because she killed a lot of people (It was also called a Bloody reign) 1553-1558

  • Elizabeth mother was Anne Boleyn and her father was Henry VIII but her mother got beheaded sadly when she was born.1558-1603

  • THE TUDORSBy Chloe Stephenson

  • Monarchs Henry VII was the first Tudor king. Henry VII fought the battle of Bosworth against Richard III in 1485. Henry VIII had 6 wives: Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr. Henry VIII had 3 kids: Mary I, Edward I and Elizabeth I.Mary I nickname was Bloody Mary.Edward I died at the age of 15.

  • The TudorsFashion Men were likely to wear linen shirts with a padded doublet possibly with another jacket over that. Leg wear was likely to be stockings and breeches. Women would have a petticoat, bodice and a hooped skirt with padded hips .

  • Tudor childrenChildrenLong hours studying and working didn't stop Tudor children having fun and playing games. Toys were often made from wood or materials which were easily available, such as clay, stone and animal bones. Pig bladders were blown up to make footballs, hoops were made from old barrels, and pebbles or cherry stones were used to play marbles or jacks.

  • The Six Wives1509 - 1533 Divorced Catherine Of Aragon1533 - 1536 Executed Anne Boleyn 1536 - 1537Died Jane Seymour1540 Jan- July Divorced Anne Of Cleves 1540 1542Kathryn Howard ExecutedKatherine Parr 1543 - 1547 Widowed

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  • Shakespeare is one of the most famous people in history for his plays ,his theatre (the Globe theatre) and for setting it on fire during a play. His most famous play was Macbeth

  • Shakespeare was born on 26th April1564 he died on the 23th April 1616.In Victorian times they declared him a genius. He retired play writing at the age of 49. 3 years before his death.He married Anne Hathway.He was catholic.

  • Shakespeare has wrote many plays in his time here are some.Hamlet ,King Lear,Othello,Macbeth ,Julius Ceaser ,Troilous, Cresside, Romeo and Juliet ,Loves Labours Won ,Richard11,Alls Well that Ends Well, Measure for Measure ,A Mid-summers night Dream

  • Shakespeare made some people spend hours making 1 penShakespeare also had a tiny car in one of his plays Weird factsShakespeare also had a rope fall on a show

  • Some people have conflict about this lady if she was a queen or not! Really she was only queen for nine days so they called her nine day queen but really her real name was Jane Gray she was Henry VII great grand - daughter.

  • You might ask why she was not queen. She was not queen because she did not have a coronation, so she is officially not queen.

  • Jane Grey was married and her married name was Jane Dudley. From 1536/1537 12 February 1554. She was a cousin to Edward VI. After nine days she was executed because no one thought she was the right queen. She was the eldest daughter of Henry Grey the first Duke of Suffolk and Lady Frances Brandon.

  • By Ebony Jane Bishop

  • Ann Boleyn 1533-1536 marriage and diedCatherine of Aragon 1509-1533 marriage and divorceJane Seymour 1536-1537Anne of Cleves 1540 Jan July divorcedKathryn Howard 1540-1542Katherine Parr m1543-1547 widowed

  • Lady Jane grey was born on-1537Lady Jane grey was proclaimed queen 10 July 1553Executed 12 February 1554Buried 12 February 1554Queen for nine days

  • Only rich people were allowed to hunt deer.Most farmers could hunt foxes but poor people could only hunt for hares.Football was different to how it was then they didnt have set numbers or team players.Tennis is one of the oldest sports during the Tudor times it was most of the time played indoorsJousting was a popular sport in the Tudor times especially in King Henrys eyes.

  • Born: 28 June 1491 Greenwich PalaceAccession: 21 April 1509Coronation: 24 June 1509 Westminster AbbeyDied: 28 January 1547 Whitehall PalaceBuried: 16 February 1547 St. George's Chapel, Windsor CastleBorn: 28 January 1457 Pembroke Castle, WalesAccession: 22 August 1485 Battle of Bosworth FieldCoronation: 30 October 1485 Westminster Abbey Died: 21 April 1509 Richmond PalaceBuried: 11 May 1509 Westminster AbbeyBorn: 7 September 1533 Greenwich PalaceBecame Queen: 17 November 1558Coronation: 15 January 1559 Westminster Abbey Died: 24 March 1603 Richmond PalaceBuried: 28 April 1603 Westminster AbbeyBorn: 18 February 1516 Greenwich PalaceProclaimed Queen: 19 July 1553 St. Paul's Cathedral, London Coronation: 1 October 1553 Westminster Abbey Died: 17 November 1558 St. James's PalaceBuried: 14 December 1558 Westminster AbbeyBorn: 12 October 1537 Hampton Court PalaceAccession: 28 January 1547Coronation: 20 February 1547 Westminster Abbey Died: 6 July 1553 GreenwichBuried: 8 August 1553 Westminster Abbey

  • William Lee (1563 1614) was an English inventor who devised the first stocking frame knitting machine 1589, the only one in use for centuries.

  • He was born 4th of August 1561, in Kelston, Somerset, England.He died in 20th November 1612 (aged 51.)His sister is Mary Rodgers.

  • Henry V111 had 6 wives and in there is a song about them it goes, Divorced beheaded died divorced beheaded survived.Henry desperately wanted a son to carry on the Tudor family name.

  • Tudor monarchs

  • Henry VIIHenry VII became king of England in 1485 when he defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. This ended a civil war known as the war of the Roses.

  • Henry VIIIHenry VIII was the son of Henry VIII. he came to the throne in 1509 when his father died. He had six wives.

  • EdwardEdward was king from 28 January 1547 until his death

  • Queen Mary l (reigned 1553-1558)Mary was the eldest daughter of Henry Vlll by his first wife Katherine of Aragon

  • Queen Elizabeth I (reigned 1558-1603)Elizabeth I - the last Tudor monarch - was born at Greenwich Palace on 7 September 1533, the younger daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn.


  • The poor had to make their own toys but the rich bought hand carved painted toys.Rich Poor

  • Tudor toys are different to what we have today.Tudor toys Our toys

  • Tudor children played games outside after school. They played hoop and stick ,cricket , Hop scotch, Tennis , marbles' , cup and ball and football. TUDORS PLAYED FOOTBALL WITH A PIGS BLADDER! NOT A FOOTBALL LIKE WE DO_

  • If you were a Tudor what would your favourite toy be ? Hoop and stick_Tennis_Cricket_Hopscotch_Marbles_Cup and ball_ Football_?????????????????????????????????????????

  • By Charlotte Brough

  • Henry VII was the first Tudor ruler .He took the crown form Richard III. He fought in the Battle of Bosworth and united the York and the Lancaster rose.

  • Henry the VIII was a very large man.He had 6 wives ,Catharine of Aragon ,Anne Boleyn ,Jane Seymour ,Anne of Cleaves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr.He was sporty as a young man.

  • Edward VIHe was ten years old when he became king.He was the only son of Henry VIII.He was only fifteen when he died.

  • She beheaded loads of people.She was really mean.Everybody was scared of her.

  • Elizabeth was a strong ruler.She was never married.She was the last in the Tudor line.

  • Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth was the last for her family. She did not have a wedding.And no children.Her mum got beheaded.She died in her mid 70s.

  • Elizabeths FatherQueen Elizabeths dad was king Henry the VIII he wanted a son but he got her and Mary well he got son

  • Elizabeths motherElizabeth mum was Anne Boleyn she was beheaded. The Guillotine

  • Died Queen Elizabeth was in her mid 70 when she died. She was the last of the Tudor monarchs.

  • Henry VIII

  • Henry VIII was the Tudor King was King from 21st April 1509 until his death in January 28, 1547!He had 6 wives; Catherine of Aragon, Ann Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of cleaves, Kathryn Howard and Katherine Parr!

  • Henry VIII was born in Greenwich in 1491.

    His father was Henry VII and his mother was Elizabeth of York.

    Henry VIII was a healthy and sporty in his childhood.

    He wanted a son and got one, but he didnt live long!

  • Henry VIIHenry VIIIEdward VIMary IElizabeth ILady Jane Grey wasnt coronated and was only queen for 9 days!

  • Born: 28th June 1491Father: Henry VIIMother: Elizabeth Of York Reigned: 1509 1547Died: 28th January 1547ChildTeenYoungOld

  • Henry VIII He is the son of Henry VIIHe was a Tudor king!He had six wives!

  • Her mother was Anne BoleynHer mother was executed by Henry VIII

  • Henry VII was the first Tudor monarch and is the father of Henry VII, he became king on the 30th of October 1485 and died on the 21st of April 1509

  • Henry VIII had six wives Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, Katherine Parr. Henry became


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