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Deepak SundraniB.E. (Civil) M.E. (Construction Management) M.B.A. (Marketing) LL.B Doing Ph.D. (Consumer Behaviour in Real Estate)

Experience15 years in Marketing ( Cement, RMC, etc.)

5 years in teaching (MBA Institutes + NICMAR)

MCM 116Marketing Management

Distribution of sessionsProf Deepak Sundrani : 12 sessions

Prof. Purandare : 8 sessions Total 20 sessions of 80 minutes each in first trimester

Tentative Break up of 12 sessions (Prof. Sundrani)1) Basic Marketing : 7 + 2 = 9 2) Class Test 1 3) Real Estate Marketing : 1 + 1 = 2 --------------------------------------------------------Total 12

Prof. Purandare : 8 sessions1) Project Marketing 2) Industrial Marketing

Guidelines for Presentations by students1) Each group will have 5-6 students 2) Each group to give presentations in Power Point , using LCD projector. 3) All the members of the group shall give presentation 4) Each presentation will last for 12 minutes and remaining 2 minutes for Question Answers 5) Presentation will carry 10 marks. 6) Note : A picture speaks more than a thousand words

MarksInternal : 30 Marks, Term end : 70 marks Internal Marks (Prof. Sundrani): 20 marks 10 marks for Presentation 10 marks for Internal test

Internal Marks (Prof. Purandare): 10 marks

Basic Marketing

Reading Material1) Principles of Marketing : 12th edition by Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong


Books for South Asian Examples : (i) Principles of Marketing : A South Asian Perspective, 13th edition by Kotler, Armstrong, Agnihotri (IIMC), Haque (Lahore) (ii) Marketing Management, A South Asian Perspective. 13th edition by Kotler, Keller, Koshy (IIMA) and Jha(IIMB)

Other books1) Marketing by Lamb, Hair, McDaniel 2) Marketing Management by Rajan Saxena 3) Marketing Management by Arun Kumar

Other sources1) Magazines (4Ps) and Business Magazines 2) Journals (Indian Journal of Marketing) and others 3) Internet google, etc 4) PROQUEST data base 5) Newspapers 6) TV : NDTV Profit : All about Ads(Thursday 8.30 pm , Sat 9.30 am, Sunday 6.30 pm),


Website : www.madaboutads.com

Basic Concepts

Difference between Selling and Marketing

Difference between Selling and MarketingMarketing is much more than selling. Selling is the tip of the iceberg

The aim of Marketing is to make selling unnecessary.

Peter Drucker Management Guru

Queue for purchase of iPhone 4 on the day of launchiPhone 4

DefinitionMarketingprocess by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return.

Marketing processStep I Step II Understand the market place and customer needs and wants Design a customer-driven marketing strategy Construct a marketing program that delivers superior value Build profitable relationships and create customer delight Capture value from customers to create profits and customer equity

Step IIIStep IV Step V

The first four steps of Marketing process involve Building Customer Relationships by creating and delivering superior customer value. The final step involves capturing value in return in the form of current and future sales, market share and profits

Step IUnderstanding the market place and customer needs1) Needs basic (Example : Food) Wants specifics to satisfy need (Eg. : Pulav) Demands Want backed by buying power (Mercedes Benz) 2) Market offering some combination of products, services, information, or experiences offered to the market to satisfy a need or want. Marketing Myopia - Theodore Levitt

Marketing Myopia By Theodore Levitt Harvard Business Review, Sept-Oct 1975 Full text (pdf) available on Google

3) Customer Value* and satisfaction

The painting The Card Players by Paul Czanne bought for $ 250 Million ( Rs. 1250 crores) in 2011 by Royal family of Qatar

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci ( at Louvre, Paris) is worth about $ 750 million (Rs. 3750 crores)

M F Hussains Battle of Ganga & Jamuna sold for $ 1.6 million ( Rs. 8 crores)

The Swedish Treskilling yellow stampThe price it sold for in 2011 is estimated to be above 1.7 million GBP (Rs. 14 crores)

Black on Magenta stamp Back in 1980 it was auctioned to the industry magnate John Dupont for $935,000. Today's value, who knows?

4) Exchanges obtaining desired object from someone by offering something in return Relationships CRM 5) Market : A set of actual and potential buyers of a product


Step II Designing a customer driven Marketing Strategy6) Marketing Management art and science of choosing target markets and building profitable relations with them. Marketing Managers aim is to find, attract, keep, and grow target customers by creating, delivering and communicating superior customer value

7) Market segmentation Target marketing

8) Demarketing9) Value proposition set of benefits or values it promises to deliver to consumers to satisfy their needs (differentiation)