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  • 1.Marketing & Sales Strategy WorkshopHAPPY FARM NOVEMBER 2012 MARVIN LIAO

2. Congratulations: Youre An Entrepreneur 3. Key Barriers for Your Startup Momentum Barrier Tech Implementation Barrier Ecosystem BarrierSource: Clayton Christensen,HBS Article on Disruption, Nov 2012 4. Critical Factors for Adoption of New Products Relative Advantage Simplicity Trialability Observability CompatibilitySource: Everitt Rogers, Diffusion of Innovation 5. First Quote & AssumptionNo One Likes to be Sold, but Everyone Likes to Buy Sales & Marketing are Different Sides of Same Coin Marketing Sows, Sales Reaps One Cannot Exist Without the Other 6. Why MarketingTo Tell The World About your Product/Service:Whats your Story? 7. Whats Marketings Role? Positioning Defining Target Customer Representing Customer Voice in Product Roadmap Developing the Company Brand Acquiring Customers Keeping Customers Happy (Retention)Source: Christine Tsai, 500 Startups. http://christinetsai.tumblr.com/ 8. Whats the Problem You Are Solving 9. Who is User/Customer B2B B2C Head (Fortune 500) Tail (SME) Local Market Global Market 10. What Channels? Where are your Prospective Customers What is your Budget? Whats Most Cost Effective Way to Reach them? 11. Think Verticals 12. What is Your Point of Differentiation 13. Lets Not Forget PR (Public Relations) 14. Different Phases Phase 1: Trying to Get Product/Market Fit Goal: Trial, Feedback, Validation & Reference Partner/Clients Phase 2: Scaling & Expanding the Business Goal: Expand the business, Customer Acquisition 15. Final Quote The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him or her and sells itself. Peter Drucker 16. Questions?