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WP6 Evaluation. EuroHealthNet. Cristina Chiotan Public Health Coordinator. 41 members and partners in 27 European countries. NORWAY: Norwegian Directorate of Health POLAND: National Institute of Hygiene Public Health Research Institute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • WP6 EvaluationEuroHealthNet

    Cristina ChiotanPublic Health Coordinator

  • AUSTRIA: Austrian Health Promotion FoundationBELGIUM: Flemish Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention BULGARIA: National Centre of Public Health ProtectionCROATIA:National Institute of Public HealthCZECH REPUBLIC: National Institute of Public HealthDENMARK: National Board of Health UK: Department of Health Kent & Medway NHS North West Health OfficeESTONIA: National Institute for Health DevelopmentFRANCE: National Institute for Prevention and Health Education (INPES)FINLAND: Finnish Centre for Health PromotionGERMANY: Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA)GREECE: Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental & Occupational Health Prolepsis FINLAND:National Institute for Health and WelfareFinnish Society for Social and Health - SOSTEHUNGARY: Hungarian National Institute for Health Development (OEFI) University of DebrecenITALY: Veneto RegionLATVIA: The Centre of Health EconomicsNETHERLANDS: NIGZ: Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion RIVM: Netherlands Institute Public Health and the Environment

    41 members and partners in 27 European countriesNORWAY: Norwegian Directorate of Health POLAND: National Institute of Hygiene Public Health Research Institute ROMANIA: Institute of Public Health IasiSCOTLAND: NHS Health ScotlandSLOVAKIA: Public Health Authority of the Slovak RepublicSLOVENIA: National Institute of Public Health Institute of Public Health Murska SobotaSPAIN: Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo Universidad de La Laguna

    SWEDEN: Stockholm County CouncilSWITZERLAND: Health Promotion SwitzerlandWALES: Public Health WalesIRELANDInstitute of Public HealthMONTENEGROInstitute of Public HealthROMANIANational Institute of Public HealthSWEDENSwedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

  • - Reducing Health Inequalities- Combat NCDs- Health Promotion for sustainable health systems

    Policy developmentProject participationNetworkingCommunication

  • Health Inequalities are persistent and increasing


    The European Platform for Action on Health & Social Equity

    HPEHealth Promotion Europe

    The European Network for Health Promotion


    The European Centre for Innovation, Research & Implementation in Health & Wellbeing

  • EvaluationWHY?To support Consortium performance;To collectively identify and respond to problems;To maximise impact and ensure sustainability. HOW?Through projects products, interviews and questionnairesWHO?All project partners

  • AHA.SI EvaluationDraft Evaluation Framework based on projects work-plan, timeframe, deliverables including process, output and outcome indicators to be commented by WP leads and agreed by all

    Guiding Principles for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations;The Active Ageing Index;Social Investment Package.

  • AHA.SI Evaluation Review processes: meetings, event reports; questionnaires and interviews;Analyse outputs: schedule and content (3 external experts);Assess outcomes: stakeholders views on impact

    3 interim reports and one final report

  • Logic model:More seniors employed

    More active and healthy seniors

    More LTCHigher public awareness

    Feasibility of Strategy

    Cooperation health and social sectorspolicy..Networking


    Strategy (3 position papers)Networking


    Review of best practices

    Situation analysis

  • ExamplesSpecific objective:Network of different sectors at different levels

    Process indicators: no. of meetings organised, reports, etc.; Output indicators: satisfaction and impact; follow up colaborations (questionnaires, interviews)Outcome indicators: the network allows better strategy implementation (interviews)

  • ExamplesSpecific objective:Greater public and target groups awareness

    Process indicators: campaign, communication (WP5 products)Output indicators: no. of people reached, materials produced, no. of events dissemination etc. Outcome indicators: public awareness evaluation study

  • Short-term outcomes:public awareness

    ComponentsIndicatorsMethodcontextAspects that may have an influence on the campaignReach% of population (subgroups?) having heard of the campaignDose deliveredNumber and type of messages deliveredDose received% of population (subgroups?) aware of Or agree with the new strategy?

    fidelityDegree to which the messages reflected well the strategy

  • Example: networking

    ComponentsIndicatorsMethodintentionKnowing counterpartTrust

    QInterview ***activitiesExchange of newslettersCabinet committeesJoined budgetingDelegated financingHealth conferences (collaborative governance)Industry engagement

  • Thank you!Cristina Chiotanc.chiotan@eurohealthnet.eu Ingrid Stegemani.stegeman@eurohealthnet.eu

    Cristina ChiotanPublic Health Coordinator