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WP6 - Training. PlanetData. Objectives. T raining students, researchers, and professionals by: Providing relevant training materials such as presentations, tutorials or video blogs , - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


WP6 - Training

WP6 - TrainingPlanetDataObjectivesTraining students, researchers, and professionals by:Providing relevant training materials such as presentations, tutorials or video blogs,Organising training events to share knowledge from PlanetData to a wider audience and new communities such as HCI, large-scale data visualization, statistics, Career development by introducing mentors and young reserachers

StructureTask 6.1 Training materials and open training infrastructure (Leader: STI2) (M1 M48)Task 6.2 Training events (Leader: IJS) (M1 M48)Task 6.3 Mentoring and career development program (Leader: KIT) (M1 M48)

D6.1 Training curriculum (M6) UIBKD6.2 Open training infrastructure (M6) STI2D8.x Regular management reports (M12, M24, M36, M48) JSIWork doneD6.1 Training curriculumD6.2 Open training infrastructure

Infrastructure has been set for knowledge sharing communityExisting materials from videolectures.net relevant for PlanetData has been selectedSeveral events and meeting have been organisedTraining events and meetings (detailed)ESWC 2011 summer school and a tutorial at the ESWC 2011 conference on Linked Services.

12-14 Apr. 2011, DIR Technology Workshop 3, Amsterdam, the Netherlands06-08 Jun. 2011, DIR Final Outreach Workshop, Edinburgh, UK08-10 Jun. 2011, XLDB-Europe 2011, Edinburgh, UK12 Jun. 2011, 3rd International Workshop on Semantic Web Information Management (SWIM2011), Athens, Greece13 Jun. 2011, 4th International Workshop on Testing Database Systems (DBTest2011), Athens, Greece13 Jun. 2011, 7th International Workshop on Data Management on New Hardware (DaMoN 2011), Athens, Greece12-16 Jun. 2011, ACM SIGMOD/PODS Conference, Athens, Greece27-29 Jun. 2011, LOFAR TKP Meeting, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Work in progressTransition from REASE to PlanetData knowledge sharing community on videolectures.netPreparation of the PlanetData video scientific journalSummer school in collaboration with COINTraining content developmentFollowing the developed curriculumPlanetData and COIN2nd COIN summer schoolTentative title: Collaboration and interoperability in large scale inormation environmentsTopics: Collaboration and interoperability, Technologies and solutions for large scale data, eerging business models in networked enterprises, Industry case studies,...Venue: WarsawOctober 2011Local organiser: Chamber of CommercePlanetData inolvement possibiliy (to be decided)Coorganiser of thye summer schoolOrganising a two day trackProviding some talksVideo scientific journalstep-by-step process (1) starting with publishing the short abstract lectures 1st issue planned for begining of 2012,Should be attached to a conference or existing journal(2) publish tutorials attached to the scientific publication,1st issue planned for the end of 2012,Should be attached to a conference or existing journal(3) publish only tutorials. Publication model developed To be decided:Development of the programme committeeDeciding about (1) eventProviding exact planOther planed activitiesTraining content preparationTraining events plan for 2012Support slidesD6.1 Training curriculum1Introduction1.1Purpose1.2Curriculum target / level of knowledge of the target1.2.1Professionals1.2.2Graduates1.3Prerequisite qualifications1.4Delivery Methods1.4.1Self-trained1.4.2On-site training2Structure2.1Semantic Technology (STI)2.2Databases technology (CWI)2.3Linked Data (FUB)2.4Data Streams (UPM)3ConclusionReferences

Training program plan

D6.2 Open training infrastructure1Introduction1.1Purpose1.2The aim of PlanetData open training infrastructure2PlanetData open training infrastructure requirements2.1Functions and properties of PlanetData open training infrastructure 2.2Curriculum and target public2.3Training materials, delivery methods and channels2.4Basic building blocks2.4.1Videolectures.net and knowledge sharing communities2.4.2Rease repository2.4.3Semsphere LMS3PlanetData open training infrastructure design3.1Selected integration model3.2Functions and services3.3Basic Structure3.3Integration protocols3.4Current status of the training portal4Validation methods and development plan5ConclusionReferences

Training events planPrepared for each year in advance: First plan scheduled for M12Yearly summer schools, Training MilestonesTutorials and Hands-on workshops, Presented at major conferences and training events Web-castsContinuous activity on videolecturesPlanetData eventsSponsored eventsJoint events with related initiativesPascal2 NoET4Me NoEActivities within K4A

Scientific JournalFirst successful attempt at videolectures.NET:Domain: Machine learningOptions:Abstracts to papersLectures to papersPure lecturesMore than 50 submissions

Scientific Journal statusModel established and testedInfrastructure established and testedHigh interestPossibilities of interlinking with traditional journals run by Academic publishersPlan for Y4 in Pascal2 in progressK4A and West Africa activitiesMoU with Kofi Annan center of excellence on building AI RTD lab (http://www.aiti-kace.com.gh/) Levels of activities:Training eventsStudent/professors exchangeJoint challengesJoint RTD projectsK4A and West Africa activitiesStatusThree events organised2day Workshop in Ghana (Pascal2)Pascal Bootcamp in France (Pascal2)AI Bootcamp in Ghana (ACTIVE and Pascal2)Student exchange in progressPlan for next activities in preparation (involving industries)High interest and high impactGovernmental levelProfessors and PhD studentsStrong OS communityMany research challenges with real data

DecisionsSingle entry point or multiple entry points?Videolectures.NETREASESemsphereSummer schools plan?2 or 3 summer schoolsGhana and West Africa activities?What activity, when,...Training events recording budget?Support slides20

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