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WP6 status. Paolo Fessia. Summary. Status of the WP6 and change of WP coordinator Low quadrupole status Corrector status Cryostat status. Status and change of WP6 leader I. Milestones 6.1 Component qualification fulfilled 6.2 Basic magnet design in preparation (delay 1 month) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


MCBX Parameters

WP6 statusPaolo FessiaSummaryStatus of the WP6 and change of WP coordinatorLow quadrupole statusCorrector statusCryostat statusStatus and change of WP6 leader IMilestones6.1 Component qualification fulfilled6.2 Basic magnet design in preparation (delay 1 month)Deliverable6.1 Basic Triplet Design Main report written and publishedStatus and change of WP6 leader IIStephan Russenschuck is taking over the responsibility in order to guarantee adequate follow up despite 3-4 consolidation activitiesDue to the 3-4 incident 6 months delay have been matured up to now. It is very probable that with the partners we need to revise the plan for this work package according to the possible re-scheduling of project Low quadrupoleCERN CIEMAT STFCEnhanced insulation

Courtesy D. Richter P. Paolo GranieriMQXC cross sections and iron yoke with heat exchanger(s)

Two possible solutions for heat exchanger proposed by the cryogenic team:2 heat exchanger in parallel inner diameter 71 mm (1st eval. wall thickness 2.5 mm). Hole diameter 80 mm1 heat exchanger inner diameter 100 mm (1st eval. wall thickness 3.5 mm). Hole diameter 110 mm

Both are large holes in the iron that affect transfer function and field qualityWe can consider 2 possible configurationsHoles along the 2 mid-planes (larger effect on the transfer function)Holes at 45

We prefer solution with 1 heat exchanger on the vertical mid plane because ofSimpler interconnectStandardization of cold masses respect 1 heat exchanger at 45 Courtesy F. BorgnoluttiMQXC V24

Cables and Insulations DimensionsCables dimensions

Critical currentCable 01 (inner layer): 14800 A @ 10T (4680 A/T)Cable 02 (outer layer): 14650 A @ 9T (4050 A/T)

Mid-plane and inter-layer thicknessInter-layer thickness of 0.5mmMid-plane thicknessLayer 1 : 0.220 mmLayer 2 : 0.245 mm

w (mm)thick in(mm)thick out (mm)rad(mm)az (mm)cable 0115.1001.7362.0640.1600.135cable 0215.1001.3621.5980.1600.145azradwThick inThick out0.10 mm8MQXC V24

Coil Cross-SectionCoil blocks features

Angular position of the point 1 & 2 (mechanical requirement: angles < 41)Point 1: ~35Point 2: ~26MQXC V2412Block NNb Condr (mm) () ()cable type11260.000.21010.000Cable 012560.0025.72827.757Cable 0131775.920.18490.000Cable 024275.9223.50122.762Cable 02Courtesy F. Borgnolutti9MQXC V24Effect of a slot in the iron on the magnetic field quality Odd multipoles are not affectedOnly even multipoles b4, b6, b8 and b10 are affected (multipole variation higher than 0.0001 unit)

gap 1mmgap 2mmgap 3mm b40.03400.06560.0978 b6-0.0174-0.0362-0.0536 b80.00100.00200.0029 b10-0.0002-0.0004-0.0006gap

Courtesy F. BorgnoluttiNCS head design

Peak field in the head,30 mm of coil more and a lot more of margin in the headstraight partheadB peakss field% ss curno Iron Yokecable 01BS16.56.6cb01BS27. 02BS35.76.1cb02BS46. Yokecable 01BS17.37.3cb01BS28. 02BS36.46.7cb02BS46. Yokecable 01BS17.17.2cb01BS27. 02BS36.66.6cb02BS46.

124Lmag104117116no yokeunsat yokereal ironUncertainty: systematic coil length error 3 mm-> shift between heads->+/-0.9 b6Random: variation coil length 1 2mm-> shift between heads->+/-0.6 b6This gives an uncertainty of +/- 0.03 for a straight part of 7000 mm and a random of 0.02. We will neglect itb6-2.9-2.8-2.8b10-4.0-3.8-3.6b14-0.3-0.4-0.3

Courtesy F. BorgnoluttiProtection StudyNominal CurrentHalf CurrentSetupT peakMIITsT peakMIITsDump resistor 40 mOhm, 10 ms delay11733.6----15733.37823.020ms extra delay

15736.47823.7Hot spot in outer layeronly half of the heaters22038.110327.518035.28624.520ms extra delay

21738.010427.6only half of the heaters22143.410230.8+ Dump Resistor11829.45015.2Hot spot close to heater+ Dump Resistor, half of heaters 13629.8----Heater failure uncritical14

Courtesy N. Schwerg

Collar thickness scaling based on MQXBAperture radius [mm]Collar thickness [mm]553560396542

Scaling based on radial collar displacementThe collar width is obtained by solving:15

FE analysis radial displacement

Courtesy F. Regis16

Studying optionsCourtesy M. SegrettiConfirming 1st analysis and going beyond

Courtesy M. SegrettiCorrectorsCERN CIEMAT STFC

Corrector Package: StatusCourtesy M. KarppinenUnitIntegrated fieldTm6Nominal fieldT4.2Mag. lengthm1.42Nominal currentA2500Stored energykJ240Self inductancemH77Working point