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The Shoreline Winter/Spring 2014



    Monmouth Park Highway 36West Long Branch, NJ 07764(732) 222 - 9300 (Phone)(732) 222 - 8849 (Fax)

    Monmouth Beach Oceanport

    Sea BrightWest Long Branch

  • Athletics dont just build athletic

    ability at Shore Regional

    High School.

    Leadership and sportsmanship

    Skill building and teamwork

    Grace in victory and in defeat

    Respect for others

    and for the game.

    All of these are components

    of the learning experience for

    student-athletes and fans who

    proudly wear Shore Regional on

    their jerseys, jackets and hearts.

    One of the most valuable

    members of the Shore Regional

    High School football team last

    season never caught a pass,

    gained a yard, completed a

    tackle or scored a point for the

    Blue Devils.

    James Danskin, a 16-year-old

    sophomore, was given the

    Unsung Hero Award from the

    Shore Chapter of the New Jersey

    Football Officials Association.

    I met James on the sidelines,

    his task was to manage the

    game balls, Shore Chapter

    representative Steven Kozusko

    said. He did flawlessly. James has

    had to deal with a traumatic injury

    since birth. We decided James was

    more than deserving. Danksin, an

    Oceanport Resident, is the teams

    only listed student manager.

    I help the team out, Im like a

    coach, Danskin said. I do it to

    hang out with my friends and

    to know the coaches a little

    better. Indeed, his experiences

    on the football sidelines has

    established him as a go-to guy

    with his teammates. Students

    look towards him as an example

    of support and loyalty.

    I was affected by James's

    positive attitude and his

    commitment to the task, but

    mostly by his enthusiasm,

    Kozusko said. He

    has a special repoire

    with anyone he has

    to deal with. Hes

    done a fabulous job.

    James embodies the definition

    and meaning of

    this award.

    Harry Chebookjian, Shore

    Regional High Schools

    Assistant Principal of Athletics,

    acknowledged Danskins impact.

    Hes just a great kid to be

    around, Chebookjian said. The

    way the team and coaches

    interact with him is something

    special to see, hes fun loving and

    he has a great heart.

    The Unsung Hero Award, funded

    by the Manasquan Elks Club

    was created in 2005 to honor

    football players and students

    who show dedication in the face

    of adversity.

    The Unsung Hero Award

    Each year one senior student is recognized

    for his or her caring and compassion to a

    cause, group or program during their high

    school career. Ms. O'Neill will be honored at

    special ceremony on March 20th, 2014

    Congratulations to Molly O'Neill,recipient of the Guidance Director's Award

    News from the Guidance Office.

    As we get into the spring, the college

    acceptances are rolling in every day

    for the seniors. Some recent college

    acceptances of note are

    Drexel University

    Fordham University

    Loyola University of Maryland

    University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    Michigan State University

    The College of New Jersey

    Pennsylvania State University

    University of Connecticut

    University of Delaware

    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

    Villanova University

    Yale University

    While during the winter/spring the seniors are preparing for

    their last semester at Shore Regional, it is also a time when

    the Guidance Counselors are meeting with the incoming

    9th graders for the following school year. The counselors

    registered students from each of the sending schools

    during the beginning of January. Counselors are also

    meeting with current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students to

    schedule their courses for next year.

    In addition, the winter is a time for the juniors to begin to

    prepare for their college search. The Guidance Department

    offered two college seminars one for students during

    the school day and the other for parents in the evening.

    Information was shared regarding the overall college

    application process and getting the most out of the college

    search. Subsequently, the juniors are working individually

    with their counselors to find the best colleges and careers

    that fit for them.

    Jon Warner speaks of this journey from freshmen year to

    graduating seniors, The best thing about working in a high

    school setting in my opinion is the growth you can see in

    students. High school is a time for students to grow and

    mature into young men and women. From the time they

    enter Shore Regional they are treated like young adults,

    but we are more than willing to help them and support

    them in their journey. The staff that we have at Shore is

    generally very supportive of our student body. Part of that

    is the small size of our school that lends itself to a tight knit

    community and the other part is the dedicated staff that

    truly cares about the well-being of our students. I think for

    me, as an administrator, watching students come in the day

    of freshman orientation to when they leave at graduation

    is a great process of growth and maturing. The students

    have grown academically and what they have been able to

    accomplish in four short years of high school is what makes

    our jobs rewarding.

    Ted Szczurek, Oceanport Ron ONeill, West Long Branch Paul Rolleri, Oceanport Frank Pingitore, Oceanport David Baker, Monmouth Beach Beth Garrigal, West Long Branch Mary Lynn Mango, West Long Branch Diane Merla, West Long Branch Susana Markson, Sea Bright

    John WarnerDirector of Guidance

  • I really believe that a communitys (and a nations) most

    important goal is the facilitation of a high-quality and high-

    performing educational system. An education that instills a

    life-long love of learning in students. An education that provides

    them with the prerequisite college and career-readiness skills for

    the ever-changing, complex 21st century world.

    With this in mind, the philosophy and attitude of our district leadership and becomes very

    important. This attitude permeates all of our decisions and guides us conceptually in the

    management of our school. Like the private sector business world where the customer

    is the most important concept; we in education have to put the student as the most

    important person in our organization the student is the purposeof our school district.

    A student is not just a statistic, but rather a human being with feelings, and emotions.

    A student is a person who comes to us with needs and/or wants

    it is our job to fulfill them.

    Students are the lifeblood of every school without them, we would have to close our doors.

    The focus of the future of education should be on service and commitment to students;

    for it is our students today who will lead ustomorrow.

    The answer to all world problems is found in a single word that word is education.

    Mr. Thomas G. Farrell Superintendent of Schools

    Letter from T. Farrell As we dig our way out of, what everyone will remember as a very long, cold, snowy winter, we begin to see signs of spring and budget season.

    The preparation of the Shore Regional Budget for the 2014-

    2015 school year has been quite rewarding. The many years

    of cost saving initiatives and shared services will produce yet

    another budget with no increase in the tax levy. The tax levy will remain at the same rate as in the 2012-2013 school year.

    The 2014-2015 budget will once again include funds to expand the Districts technology. It has been a goal of the Shore Regional Board of Education to remain on the cutting edge of technology. The launch of the Chromebook 1-to-1 technology initiative this year has been a great success and will be expanded for the coming school year.

    The onset of the Chapter 78, P.L. 2011 Health Benefits Contribution Act, coupled with many cost saving initiatives, has reduced our medical premiums and the net cost to the District to the lowest cost in eight years. Further reductions in the net cost to the District are anticipated in each of the next three years.

    We continue to explore every opportunity for shared services. Our quest for further cost saving initiatives has reached beyond the boundaries of the Shore Regional Community as we explore opportunities to enter into jointures on key areas such as special education, with surrounding school districts. It has been a personal goal of the Office of Business Administration to explore every opportunity in hopes to bring further cost savings to the taxpayers of Shore Regional. We have already brought to reality hundreds of thousands of dollars of cost savings and more are planned.

    The Office of Business Administration has seen many fiscal successes and strives to achieve more. This office is committed to transparency and efficiency and welcomes community input to assist in providing students with the most fiscally prudent and accommodating educational amenities.

    Dennis W. Kotch CPA Business Administrator

    Letter from D. Kotch

  • : Former Student of the Month Mike Hurley. My first year at Shore Regional, I learned everything from him. Being a g