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Why Software Sales don't need Inbound Leads just yet...


  • 1. Why Software Sales dont need Inbound Leads just yet...

2. Traditionally, salespeople seal the deal. They go out into the world, chat up a storm, do the legwork and close business. 3. But all of this is changing... 4. 93% of your audience is now using search to begin their buying process. And the beginning of that sales cycle now means lots and lots of research... 5. Inbound leads have searched online for answers and have come to you to ease the business pain they are experiencing. This is because you can offer them software solutions to the issues that vex them. 6. There are three major issues when there isnt a clear distinction in the roles between inbound marketing and sales... 7. Salespeople may see the initial lead & instantly try to convert the sale. The lead will then withdraw and adopt a more cautious approach with the company in the future. 8. The trust they had in your company has quickly diminished. 9. A salesperson might try to set up a meeting when the prospect is only at a marketing qualified stage. This is too soon. The lead must be assessed for what will benefit them. 10. We must instead nurture them through the sales process until theyre ready to buy. 11. Salespeople may try to pitch to the prospect. This isnt what they need. It may even be the opposite of what they want right now. 12. Its good to remember that an inbound software lead came to you first... They want what you are offering. But you must focus on what your prospect needs right now. 13. If you dont, your prospect could write off your salesperson and your company as simply being interested in off-loading as many licences as possible. That may well be your goal, but it certainly wont be theirs. 14. And that response may well be the nail in the coffin for a chance at sales between yourself and that prospect. 15. Theres no point in giving your best striker an inbound lead until you are sure your sales person understands how to nurture this inbound lead. 16. The reality is, the way that sales operates is CHANGING. 17. How can you hit the target? 18. Adopt a two-tiered approach with your sales team. Have your relationshipbuilders liaise directly with inbound leads until they are 100% sales-ready leads. 19. Use the people skills and business acumen of your sales team to directly contribute to the benefit of your leads and your business. 20. Want to find out more about how to generate leads online? Get Your Copy Here