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How the #@$! AM I

Inbound Leads?SUpposed to handle all these

IN 2013, we experienced a big problem...

Hi, Im Kyle, Founder andCEO of Salesloft.

Believe it or not, we were GENERATING MORE LEADS THAN


A Lot More.


This is what Were Doing NOW to take full advantage of

our pipeline...

Hiring a dedicated lead handler1.

It shouldn't be a sales rep's job to manage these inbound leads.

Specialization yields efficiency.

Our inbound rep will be better than anyone else at handling

inbound leads.

getting full contact information for our leads2.

Through simple social sign-in, were able to capture relevant information on new


when they sign up, we deliver this in anemail to our inbound rep.

They get all this info...

Automatic grading3.

We use Pardot to automatically grade prospects.

the criteria looks like this...

As all these leads come in, grade adjustments automatically apply.

they look like this:


when new users sign up they receive an auto-responder from the CEO...

...and a sincere, personal email fromour inbound reps.

Dont Go directlyfor a demo5.

A large percentage of our new users can buy our product...

but they still need to be qualified in order to see a demo.

We are very judicious of our time.

our reps ask questions like:

1. What are you revenue goals for 2014? 2. whats the makeup of your sales organization?

3. What prospecting tools are you using today?

Theyre trying to establish 2/4 qualification criteriA:

a- authorityn- needu- urgencym- money

6.Using outbound toboost inbound

When we receive inbound from a rep, we use our tool to find the top

executives on the team and loop them into our outreach effort.

our mission is to let the decision maker know that His or her team is

interested in our product.

now you knowwhat to do...

By implementing these process, SalesLoft has been able to convert

more opportunities and maximize the efficiency of our inbound leads.

we increased annual recurring revenue month-to-date (Thats 23

days) by 83.76%.

makes it easier to generate accurate and targeted lists of leads from the internet.

SIgn up here.