what is the true meaning of christmas

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  • 1. What is truly Christmas?

2. Luke 1:26-38 QUESTION If an angel of the Lord appeared to you, saying all that it said to Mary. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? OR WHAT WOULD YOU DO? 3. Luke 2:1-7 QUESTION: Would have you ever thought a savior would have been born in this messy situation? 4. What does Christs birth have to do with us? Its not only about salvation Its also about us being saviors of this world by walking like Christ - 1st John 2:6, Galatians 2:20 5. Final Thought How much of us wants to be joint heirs with Christ? Roman 8:17 How much of us willing to take up our cross and follow Christ? Matthew 16:24 And how far do we want to take that cross?