the true meaning of abortion


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After bringing terror to helpless infants in the womb, we belive we will live secure! (If you want terror in your life, then do/encourage abortion!!)


THE TRUE MEANING OF TERRORISM We Goans never thought that Terrorism would reach Goa. But it has. Wherever we go we now see armed police. People are afraid to use public transport. They are afraid to come together in large numbers. Our feasts are clouded by fear. And even as we revel in our dances, we are not sure whether we will live to see the sun rise the next morning! The Government is using the insecurity and fear to gain more powers to harass and control the people, but that is another issue. The real question is how did we come to this stage? the answer is simple ABORTION. Jesus has said: what you whispered in closed rooms will be shouted out from the rooftops (Lk. 12:3, Mt. 10:26, Mk. 4:22). This is what is happening today. Deals and plans were made in closed rooms (between parents and doctors) to snuff out innocent lives right in the womb. The terror and death-agonies of helpless infants were stifled in closed hospital rooms. Living human beings were torn apart limb from limb in closed rooms. The most secure place known to mankind, the womb was laid open to butchers pretending to be doctors. And now God is paying us back in broad daylight in the same measure. In broad daylight plans are now made to kill the innocent. In broad daylight, the terror and agony of death comes upon us. In broad daylight, bodies are being torn apart limb from limb by bombs and guns. And there is no security anywhere, even in the safest of places! This is how abortion and terrorism are linked. Indeed what is abortion? The infant was innocent. It did not know the doctor or nurse who killed it. It did not even know its father or mother. It had never hurt them. And yet these people collaborated to murder it in a most cruel manner. What is Terrorism? The man/woman on the street never knew the terrorist; nor had they ever hurt him. And yet they are being torn apart by the bombs planted by the terrorist. What is the remedy? I give you two: one at the individual level, one at the social. 1. First the social remedy. Raise your voice against legalized abortion. Force the government to rescind the bill making abortion legal. Otherwise, there is no remedy against this evil. As long as abortion is legal, the terrorist will win, for

indeed, the biggest terrorist is the Government! By legalizing abortion, it opens the door to terrorism! 2. At the personal level, reject abortion as an option. Dont compound one mistake with another. Your self-respect or convenience is not more important than someones life and the God-given right to exist. Remember that all Roman Catholics who assist in any manner in bringing about an abortion, be they doctors, nurses, pharmacists, manufacturers (of pills or implements of abortion), the parents and yes! the MLAs who keep quiet (instead of opposing this law) automatically incur excommunication. After that, they can no longer receive the Sacraments of the Church, unless they confess. And even this confession is to be made before the Bishop or especially authorized priests, not just any common priest. Till the excommunication is removed, every reception of the Sacraments of the Church becomes a sacrilege, another mortal sin! Another thought just struck me. I have been aware for some time about the socalled partial birth abortions. This is a process whereby the foetus is aborted when it is still partially in the mothers body. Such foetuses are produced purely for the purpose of scientific research. Yes, you heard me right. Pregnancies are procured only so that the product may be killed when it about to emerge into the world as a living human being. But you know that this is how we use animals. To treat human beings like this is to reduce them to the level of animals. This means that we are considered as just plain animals. Who could be behind this thinking? Who else, but the Jews?! Their Talmud teaches that every non-Jew is not a human being, but an animal. Hence, like animals, we non-Jews too can be bred for the purpose of experimentation. And since we are animals (according to the Jews), there is no sin in killing and mutilating and torturing any number of us!! And this is precisely what is being to done to perhaps millions of us every year. But the greatest dupes of these Jews are the women who get conned into believing their theory that the woman is master of her own body and has absolute right over it. The woman can therefore dismember and kill her own offspring just to prove that she is liberated. Foolish women! Consider this. In the eyes of the Jews, you are not human, but animals. And whoever heard of liberated animals?! Think about it!!! Hence I make the claim that abortion and the resultant terrorism it has unleashed on the world is the result of the direct design of those perfidious Jews. And when any woman accepts the idea of abortion in any form, it means that she consents to being used as an animal. She should note that the punishment from God will be commensurate. Amen.