welcome to 6 th grade: global studies 1

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Welcome to 6 th Grade: Global Studies 1. Mrs. Harris Wilson West Middle School. Inquiring minds want to know…. What will I learn in Global Studies 1? What resources will we use? How will my grade be calculated? What will I need to have every day? What are your expectations? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcome to 6th Grade: Global Studies 1

Mrs. HarrisWilson West Middle SchoolWelcome to 6th Grade: Global Studies 1

1Inquiring minds want to knowWhat will I learn in Global Studies 1?What resources will we use?How will my grade be calculated?What will I need to have every day?What are your expectations?What kinds of help can I expect?What other procedures do I need to know?2What you will learn

3The WorldWhat are the five themes of geography?What geography skills do I need? Why does the earth look the way it does?How does geography influence where people live?

4The US and CanadaWhat physical features make each place unique?Who were the First People?How did each become independent?


Latin AmericaWhat features make Latin America unique?Who were the first people?What happened to them?How did separate nations form?


You will use these resourcesTextbook: Bring home and coverYour entire textbook is also ONLINE!Atlas and other print resourcesGlencoe Online for home studyOther websites and video clipsNotes, chapter summaries, etc.ME!! See me during teamwork, ACE, email7

How your grade will be determined50 % of your grade is from summative assessmentsChapter and unit tests, writing pieces

15 % of your grade is from Homework

35% is Otherassignments, projects, etc.

What should this mean to you?8

Heres what you will need EVERYDAYTextbook with a coverBinderNotebook paper in the binderSharpened pencil and back-up(s)Post-it note pad (optional)3 x 5 Index cards (optional)Highlighter (optional)Flash drive (optional)

9Retaking a TestIf you score below 65%, you are REQUIRED to retake a test

If you score below 93%, you may opt to retake a test

Requirements:You will take a different versionYou will be given additional work to completeYou must make an appointment with me10

Heres what I expectCome to class prepared with assignment book, textbook, binder, sharpened pencilsBe ready to learnAsk questionsDo all of your assignments ON TIMEFollow your study planBE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LEARNING


ResourcesDue dates/test dates clearly communicated

Information on my websiteGrades updated frequentlyHeres what you can expect12You also need to knowWhen can I go to my locker?When can I sharpen my pencil?When can I use the bathroom?May I bring my backpack to class?What if I forget something?May I sit wherever I want?


Now you should knowI will learn aboutI will useMy grade will beI need to bring with meMrs. Harris expectsI can expectI also need to know

14True or False?This is my 19th year teaching.I taught 2nd grade previously.I am a HUGE language arts fan.I love to travel, hike, and bike. My husband has been traveling with me for 30 years.My two children are grown and independent.