4 th grade social studies vocabulary: ch. 4

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4 th Grade Social Studies Vocabulary: Ch. 4. Mrs. Thornburg’s version. Vocabulary in 4 th Grade Social Studies: Ch. 4. ClaimCharter InvasionInvest MissionaryStock Cash CropPilgrim ToleranceArmada Indentured Servant Compact DiversityCape. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 4th Grade Social Studies Vocabulary: Ch. 4

    Mrs. Thornburgs version

  • Vocabulary in 4th Grade Social Studies: Ch. 4ClaimCharterInvasionInvestMissionaryStockCash CropPilgrimToleranceArmadaIndentured Servant CompactDiversityCape

  • What do we call a person who makes a long journey for religious reasons?

  • Pilgrim

  • What do we call the variety of people in a group?

  • Diversity

  • What do we call a strip of land that stretches into a body of water?

  • Cape

  • What do we call something declared as ones own, especially land?

  • Claim

  • What means to put money into something to try to earn more money?

  • Invest

  • What do we call an attack by an armed force to conquer another country?

  • Invasion

  • What do we call a person who teaches his or her religion to others who have different beliefs?

  • Missionary

  • What do we call a document that gave people permission to start a settlement?

  • Charter

  • What is another word for an agreement?

  • Compact

  • What do we call respecting beliefs that are different from ones own?

  • Tolerance

  • What is the Spanish word for a large fleet of ships?

  • Armada

  • What do we call someone who agrees to work for a number of years in exchange for the cost of a voyage to North America?

  • Indentured servant

  • What do we call a piece of ownership in a company?

  • Stock

  • What do we call a crop that people grow and sell to make money?

  • Cash crop