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Social Studies 6 th Grade. WELCOME. How can I contact my students teacher?. Betty Rubin Email: Website: What is my students daily schedule?. Daily Class Schedule 8:55 9:15Homeroom 9:15 10:301 st Academic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Social Studies6th Grade


1How can I contact my students teacher?Betty

2What is my students daily schedule?Daily Class Schedule8:55 9:15Homeroom9:15 10:301st Academic 10:30 11:452nd Academic 11:45 1:303rd Academic Lunch is with 3rd Academic1:30 2:454th Academic 2:45 3:20Connections A3:20 4:00Connections B4:00 Dismissal from Connections

3What is the Promotion Criteria?Students must pass Math & Language Arts with a 70% average each semester.Must pass 4 out of 5 classes each semester with a 70% average.A semester is 18 weeks.

The 1st semester will end at the December holiday.

4How will I know my Students Grade?Sign up for the parent portalIt is updated daily with your childs gradeFill out the form located at the LMS websiteBring the form to the school with a valid ID

5What is Extended Learning ?An opportunity for your child to create a positive, supportive relationship with an educator at LMSStudents will choose a clubAdvisement will focus on Character BuildingC CharacterA Attitude T TalentS SpiritAdvisement will begin after Labor Day

6What are goal trackers?Each 6 weeks your students will be tracking their progress in each class with a goal tracker sheet.At the end of the semester and after CRCT students will assess their performance by readdressing their goal tracker sheets from the semester.

7What is the FISH philosophy and positive behavior expectations? The FISH philosophyBe there!Play!Choose your attitude!Make their day!Way to create a positive community atmosphere at DMSStudents get tickets for positive behaviors academically & socially (grab bag drawing)

8What is the FISH philosophy and positive behavior expectations? Celebrations for positive behaviors:August 31st Walk n Talk All students will be invitedSept. 21st Treat Day at LunchStudent must have NO discipline referrals for the school year thus farNov. 5th Perfect Paws Movie EventStudents must have NO discipline referrals for the 6-12 weeks of the school yearJan. 11th Game DayStudents must have NO discipline referrals for the first 18 weeks of school

9What are some important dates to remember?6th grade parent night:Thursday September 27th at 6:00pm6th grade Open House Conferences: -Monday October 1st from 4:00-6:30pm6th grade Social:Friday October 12th from 4:20-6:00pm

10When do progress reports come home?9/21- 6 weeks10/12 Connections Only11/2 12 weeks1/11 1st semester report card2/22 2nd 6 weeks3/15 Connections Only4/5 12 weeksFinal report card will be mailed home at beginning of summer

11When is the CRCT?After Spring BreakApril 22nd April 26th

Monday- ReadingTuesday Language Arts (Grammar)Wednesday MathThursday ScienceFriday Social Studies

121st 4th QuarterReading2 informational Texts (Novel Studies)2 Literary Texts (Novel Studies)*2 Short Informational Texts *2 Short Literary Texts

(*poems, short stories, magazine articles, website with complex text)

131st 4th QuarterWritingInformational/Explanatory (longer piece)Argumentative (longer piece)4-6 Informative/Explanatory (shorter pieces)4-6 Argumentative (shorter pieces)4 Research ProjectsRoutine Writing throughout the year

141st 4th QuarterSpeaking & Listening(See AKS Booklet: 30-35)

Language(See AKS Booklet: 36-40)

15How is my childs grade determined?Percentage of GradesDescription5%Homework/Classwork35%Quizzes50%Reading, Common Assessments., Writings, Research Projects, Interim Exams10%Final Exams 16How do I know what my child is studying each day?Check AgendaVisit

Read quarterly newsletters (Cat-chats) and E-mail blasts from DMSTalk with your child

17What can I do to help my child?Ask questions?????Set aside a time and a specific location for homeworkCheck AgendaMaintain communication with teacher

18What if my child is having difficulty with Social Studies ?Contact Mrs. Rubin at to help sessions on Mondays at 8:20 A.M.Use: the On My Calendar which can be accessed from the Duluth Middle School website

19HELPFUL HINTSBe consistentTalk to your childListen to your childProvide rewardsProvide consequencesEncourage your childEnjoy your child

20Thank you for being here!