Waste per Click: 10 Ways You're Losing Money in PPC

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Big corporations and sole proprietors have at least one thing in common: avoidable paid search spending mistakes. Find out how to avoid flushing PPC dollars down the toilet with this actionable, inventive presentation by Elizabeth Marsten. Youll never save so much cash with so little effort. Learn More: http://services.portent.com/ppc-complete/



2. What is it all about? 3. (AND ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY)Theres a lot of money beingwasted in PPC 4. Lets stop the madness. 5. Just who am I? 6. Elizabeth MarstenSenior Director of Search at Portent, Inc.Thats Me!I write about PPC. A lot.I seem to have run out of room. 7. I work here. At Portent. 8. Ive managed a lot ofaccounts over the years Millions of dollars, literally. 9. Unfortunately, small, one-person businesses and largemulti-nationals make a lotof the same mistakes whenit comes to PPC. 10. And these kinds ofmistakes are the onesno one likes to admit. 11. The secret shame kind. 12. So, here are the top 10things Ive seen repeatedlyin PPC accounts that onlydo one thing 13. Targeting the Search and DisplayNetworks together.If you onlyremember 1 outof the 10 tips,make it this. 14. Starting a new campaign onEnhanced CPC Bidding right awayWait untilyou havesomeconversiondata first.Then try. 15. Not setting any mobile bid modifiersOuch. 16. No negative keywords 17. Clicking on your own adsHow could youmiss, really? 18. Time Out. 19. Lets take a break 20. As I was saying aboutPPC 21. Using broad match for all keywordsand on head (single word) terms tooNot evenif youwereTesla. 22. People IN my targeted location vs.people search for/aboutThis isthedefault. 23. Ads set to optimize for clicks whenyou have conversion trackingYou wantclicks orconversions? 24. Targeting theUSA & Canada togetherUnless ofcourse, youship to Canada,eh? 25. Ignoring Google Search PartnerNetwork PerformanceSoonly 23%is fromgoogle.com? 26. PRO TIPHalf of these tips aresettings based.You can go fix themright NOW. 27. BING BONUS ROUND 28. Separating Search from ContentNetwork Performance 29. Separating Search fromSearch Partner Network Performance 30. Over-layering Demographic &Time of Day/Day of the Week Bids= 40% 31. Knowing that Ad Group SettingsTrump Campaign Settings 32. New Ad Groups May Default toAll Locations Worldwide 33. Questions?#PORTENTU 34. http://bitly.com/bundles/ebkendo/5 35. PPC CompletePaid search management thatshassle-free, completely portable andbuilt to last.http://services.www.portent.com/ppc-completePaid search management thatshassle-free, completely portableand built to last. 36. Thanks!@ebkendoelizabeth@portent.comLumi, Portent mascot