part 1 - the bottom line: you're losing sales without tablets

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  • 1. The bottom line...Youre loosingsales withouttablets.Monica Alonso!Brought to you by!Golden GekkoProduct Manager 1

2. Agenda! Tablets in the workplace! 4 common barriers! Improving productivity with tablets! Q&A 2 3. The year of the enterprise tabletTablets are the productivity tool of industry leaders.38%of Sr. Executives have131%increase in enterprise96.3 million units shipped to been issued a tablet issued tablets & BYOD enterprises in 2016BYOD 16% 10.000Enterprise issued 8%4.000 51% 21%201020112.000Source: Vertic 2012, SAP 20123 4. Die-hard sales repswant tabletsIt gives em super powers!MobilitySpeedhours a day times fasterat makingon the movedecisionsYankee group (2011)Gartner (2012)AppearanceProductivityranking whenout of 10recognizing the feel morebest sales (2011)4Huthwaite (2011) 5. Whats holdingyou back? 5 6. Common barriersLost device Not integratedmeans lost with existingNot useful datasystemshereIts expensive %%%%Source: Forrester (2012) *Does not add up to 100% because more than one answer allowed 6 7. Yes expensive, but...iPad is not the only option.2012 Most popular OS by Market Share Android devices areApple iOS57.6% gaining in popularity(down 3.7%) vs ApplesAndroid39.1% Most devices are (up 19%) cheaper than iPadOther3.3%(down 16.6%)Source: QualComm (2012)7 8. Yes expensive, butShare the cost with BYOD.of Sr. Executives have been issued a tabletof IT Managers50%believe BYODincreasesproductivity 66%of employeeswant to use anydeviceOf companies61%with BYOD havehigher employeesatisfactionSource: Xigo (20120) 8 9. Not useful hereThats what you think.Companies that benet from tablets 2011 Broad product catalog Tablets deployed by sector Products cannot be pulled out of a briefcase Rely on visual support material, case studies and statisticsTraditional face-to-face sales Sales team is in the eld Source: Huthwaite (2011)9 10. Easily lostover50%So is any other device of smartphones & tablet usersDO NOTpassword PROTECTtheir device Gartner (2012)Source: Condent Technology (2012) 10 11. but its easyto protect Device pin code Authenticate users on apps MDM and MAM11 12. Not integrated withexisting systemsTheres so much information to becaptured during a meeting. Growth seen in organizations with successful implementation of advanced analytics:RevenueProfitAnalytics growth growthgrowthSource: Gartner (2012)12 13. Improvingproductivity and your bottom line. 13 14. Today,74% of the timesales people are not selling26% 32% SellingTravelling andwaiting 16%Meeting prep 26%Admin tasksSource: SAP (2011)14 15. Before your meetingWorking before you clock-in.08:30 am Check news09:00 am Research for client meeting09:30 am Send agenda to lead09:45 am Rene presentation15 16. During your meetingGet to the point quickly. 10:15 am Review agenda and take notes minutes or less 10:25 am Wow with rich, dynamic content After the 30 minute 10:45 am Browse digital catalog mark participation begins to drop o 10:46 am Email marketing department for availabilitySource: (2012)16 17. After your meetingFollow-up and start over.10:50 am Conrm nal order # of leads qualied10:51 am Dene next steps10:55 am Send follow-up times more likely to qualify lead if you follow11:00 am Update CRM up within1 hourSource: Harvard Business Review (2012) 17 18. Time savingsBusiness owners estimate that usingtablets saves them an average of 5.6hon a weekly basis.5.6Work anytime, anywhere! Prep for meetings! Quick email follow-up! Leverage 3G to perform on-the-go tasksSource: (2012) 18 19. Bottom line Simple, yet powerful. 30Lets beconservative andsay + minutes a day to meet with clientsThat means 3 & 135meetings/weekmeetings/year 7At a 5%conversion rateequals thats + deals per year and per sales rep 19Assumptions: Length of a meeting is 1 hour; 2.5 Meetings per week rounded to 3; Work calendar based on 45weeks per year; Conversion rate of 10%; Investment based on Meetr Core for 50 users 20. Q&ADont be shy. 20 21. So, now what?You cant grasp the full potential of sales mobilitywithout the right apps. 21 22. Stay tuned for ournext sessionPow, Boom, Wham! Apps that give you super powers. 22 23. Thank you!For more information feel free to email us