you're losing money, and don't even know it: how to maximize your law firm gaols and profits

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1. You Are LosingMoney and DontEven Know It!We are dedicated to providing the highestquality consulting, lead generation, outsourcing,and personal coaching for all size companies.Our focus is to help you execute your goals!Ken LaVan, PresidentCaseGhost and LaVan & Neidenberg 2. Lessons in LifeIts harder to save a buck than to make a buck.- Byron LaVanI guarantee if you work at what wediscuss today, depending on the sizeof your company, this hour of yourtime will make you thousands if nottens of thousands of dollars over thenext 3. Webinar Responses Converting leads Diversification Adding practice areas Reducing staff Increasing 4. Where is your Business? Are you growing? Is it fast or slow growth? Do you know what your costs andoverhead are? Are you focusing on cutting expenses? How are you evaluating what to cut? Do you have a process in place? 5. Where to Begin?1. Identify large impacts onBottom Line2. Develop an Action Plan3. EXECUTE! 6. Numbers that impactthebottom line? 7. Numbers that impactthebottom line? 8. Numbers that impactthebottom line? 9. Financial 10. Action Plan1. Select one area to focus on that you think willgive you the best return2. Prepare an analysis that identifies what theactual return will be3. Draft the action 11. EmployeesPayroll & Productivity Productivity tracking Overlapping responsibilities Solid business processes Overly dramatic teammembers CheatersTrainingRe-evaluate Entire 12. AdvertisingTelevisionInternetOrganicConversionCase 13. Takeaways1. Pick strong projectleaders2. Re-evaluate staffsemi-annually3. Always 14. Who is Ken LaVan?KENNETH LAVAN, ESQ.Kenneth LaVan is the co-founder and president of LaVan & Neidenberg, P.A., a nationally recognized Social Security andVeterans disability law firm, representing tens of thousands of disability claimants each year.Mr. LaVan has been an advocate for the rights of those in need of help for many years. Since 1998, his companies haveprovided more than 3,000 hours of community service to inner-city students. He has also been featured on CNN, writtenabout in Entrepreneur Magazine Business Start Ups (twice), and was a keynote presenter at Chicago Mayor DaleysEducational Summit.In January 2012, Mr. LaVan was a featured speaker on a panel discussion and press briefing at Lotusphere 2012 about therole of social business in small business and launched Case Ghost. Case Ghost is an outsourcing service for SSA & VArepresentatives, processing several thousands of leads per week. ( the past few years Mr. LaVan has been developing proprietary software that streamlines the Social Security disabilityand Veterans disability process. His patent pending software uses built in analytical intelligence that determines thesuccess rate for the claimant and determines whether to accept or deny the claimant.Mr. LaVan graduated from The George Washington University with a Bachelors of Accountancy and received several honorsduring undergraduate. In 1996, he went on to earn his Juris Doctor from Hofstra University and was Law Review. He is amember of the Florida Bar Association, the New York Bar Association, United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims,Department of Veterans Affairs Accredited Attorney, National Organization for Veterans Advocates (NOVA), and NationalOrganization of Social Security Claimants Representatives (NOSSCR). 15. Questions ???