15 signs you’re in danger of losing job: what to look for if you're worried about redundancy

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Warning signs of losing your job

15 signs youre in danger of losing your jobWhat to look for if youre worried about redundancy GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT1

What are warning signs?Signs in the workplace that warn jobs may be cut


1. Tough timesYour industry is struggling


2. No more recruitmentVacant roles are not filled GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT4

3. Cost-cutting

No more:Office newspaperWeekly fruit boxNew equipmentTaxisConferences and training events GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT5

4. No information GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT6Managers meet behind closed doors

5. Not very busy

You have a lighter workload, but your colleagues are busier GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT7

6. Closely watchedYoure asked to explain how you do your role GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT8

7. New CEOThey may plan to restructure GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT9

8. Duplicate rolesA company merger results in multiple employees doing same role GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT10

9. Exiting colleaguesA division similar to yours makes redundancies GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT11

10. New facesYou see strangers at work GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT12

11. Youve heard rumoursWhere theres smoke theres often fire GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT13

12. All is wellYouve been told your job is safe GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT14

13. A strange atmosphereTheres a negative feeling around the office GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT15

14. Preparations are in placeThere are cardboard boxes in the stationery cupboard GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT16

15. Your names upYoure called to a must attend meeting GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT17

Next steps1. Read the full articles:www.outplacement.net.au/blog/warning-signs-you-may-be-made-redundant-part-one/http://www.outplacement.net.au/blog/warning-signs-you-may-be-made-redundant-part-two/2. If you think your roles in danger, take immediate action. Start looking for a new job GLIDE OUTPLACEMENT18

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