evaluating how ppc & seo have been impacted by losing google's right hand side ads

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How long have you been in PPC?#thinkppc

Less than 1 year1-3 years3-5 years5+ years

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Google Removes The Right Side Ad

#thinkppcWhat did you think was going to happen to your accounts as a result of the right hand side ads being removed?

Higher CPCsMore Investment in Social PPCLess Overall ConversionsNo ImpactOther

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70% expected to see higher CPCs, while 26% expected more of their investments to shift towards social PPC (n=554)

Heres what our PPC Hero readers thought



How did you think the loss of the right hand side ads would impact PPC or SEO?



How is the loss ACTUALLY impacting your accounts for PPC or SEO right now?



Sample 1: Jewelry queryExample 1: Gradual decrease of CTR


Sample 1: Jewelry query while rank remains static or even improves

#thinkppcSample 2: Auto make & model query

Example 2: Decrease from 14% to 10% CTR


Sample 2: Auto make & model querywith a consistent #1 ranking

#thinkppcSample 3: medical condition term

Example 3: Decrease from 9% to 6% CTR

#thinkppcSample 3: medical condition term

... and traffic is nearly halved.


Create New ColumnsGoogle Top Impressions %Google Specific CPCsTop of Google CTRGoogle Only CTRAnalyzeCompare Click per Potential Impression (Clicks/(Impressions/IS)) Data From When the Change Was Made (February 22)Compare Growth/Losses in PPC and SEO Side-By-Side. How to look into your accounts

#thinkppcWhat impact are you currently seeing in your accounts?

Higher CPCsHigher CTRsLower impression shareHigher cost per conversionsLower conversion rates

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Heres what our PPC Hero readers thought



What do you think the landscape will look like in the future?



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