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    Canned Food Drive

    Top Christmas Songs

    Favorite Holiday Dish

    Spirit Banners

    December 2017 Community High School

    Viking Voi e


    Vol. 11, No. 4

    Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate

    it by giving the light of love to those who need it most,

    states Ruth Carter Stapleton. Community High Schools

    Key Club definitely represents the bright light of love

    around Christmas time. Through Operation Christmas

    Child, a nonprofit organization bringing Christmas gifts to

    children in poverty, Key Club is trying to make a

    difference in the local and global community. By sending

    out shoe boxes packed with toys and goodies, children all

    around the world will be able to experience the loving

    spirit of Christmas. This season, Key Club has packed

    over nine boxes full of gifts!

    You never know what kind of impact you can make

    on a child, explains Key Club Sponsor, Mandy Beech.

    Something as small as a teddy bear or a toy car can have

    a life changing impact on someone. I think its amazing

    that people take time and resources out of their busy lives

    to help children in need!" If you would like to help out, go


    Key Club members Jessica

    Vicente and Macie

    Lemmons organize

    Operation Christmas Child


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    1. Home Alone (1990) 2. Elf (2003) 3. A Christmas Story (1983) 4. It's A Wonderful Life (1946) 5. National Lampoon's Christmas

    Vacation (1989) 6. The Polar Express (2004) 7. A Charlie Brown Christmas

    (1965) 8. Home Alone 2: Lost In New

    York (1992) 9. The Nightmare Before

    Christmas (1993) 10. The Grinch Who Stole

    Christmas (2000)

    This list consists of the top ten Christmas movies of all time. Get ready to get your Christmas spirit on, and watch some quality films!

    This poll is comprised of CHS students favorite Christmas movies!

  • How would you feel if you were in Walmart looking around for your new Halloween decorations, but you couldnt find them because you kept running into Christmas trees, bows, wrapping paper, and all of those other classic Christmas decorating supplies? It seems that Christmas decorations are being put out earlier and earlier, showing that stores are forgetting that there are other holidays before Christmas, including Thanksgiving and Halloween. We even catch ourselves humming a Christmas carol in the middle of the year. This June, Hobby Lobby already had their Christmas decorations up, completely skipping the Fourth of July, which, in my opinion, is just preposterous. If it werent for our country being a country, we couldnt even celebrate Christmas. Now, dont get me wrong. I love Christmas! I love celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace, and eating big meals with my family. It just seems that some people push Christmas to get here sooner because they want their presents faster and become ungrateful. People can get very aggressive on Black Friday just because of gifts. I mean, really people? Are we turning into a society that forgets what Christmas is really about? Personally, I believe that Christmas decorating should come after Thanksgiving. My family always decorates our house on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and it is still up long enough to feel that we are in the Christmas Spirit. Some studies even show that people get tired of all of their Christmas decorations before Christmas because they decorate so early. All in all, Christmas decorations should not come out of the attic until after Thanksgiving.

  • A lot of things in life start out as a hobby or simply just an interest. Sometimes our simple interests turn into things that we become very passionate about. For some, it could be a sport that the person grew up playing, a vehicle that they put a lot of time and money in, or a skill such as acting and performing or painting and drawing. Whatever it may be, we all dream of being as successful as possible in our interest. For Carter Eaves, he achieved one of those goals that a person shoots for. Carter went to the FFA Nationals for a type of dairy showing; however, in order for Carter to get there, he had to first show at the state level. At the state level, Carter received a first place award that certainly qualified him for Nationals! Nationals was held in Indianapolis, Indiana at several different venues such as Lucas Oil Stadium, Indiana State Fairgrounds, and Indiana Farmers Coliseum. Carter was provided cows from Indiana farmers to show, which was an honor in itself. When it was all said and done, Carter placed first in his division and sixth overall, which includes qualifying contenders from all across the country! Congratulations Carter on a wonderful accomplishment, and best of luck on many more to come!

    Carter Eaves, above, stands for a picture at the North American International Livestock

    Exposition in Indiana.

  • These Christmas songs are some of the most popular jingles for the season in no particular order. Snuggle up, and put these songs on in order to get into the Christmas spirit!

    1. Jingle Bell Rock

    2. White Christmas

    3. All I Want For Christmas is You

    4. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

    5. Last Christmas

    6. Deck the Halls

    7. Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    8. Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

    9. Silent Night

    10. Joy to the World

    A Notable Athlete is a person who not only excels in his or her sport but also in the classroom. Also, he or she shows good

    character and a cooperative spirit.

    We asked each coach to make this selection because we feel this

    has the most meaning for the athletes.

    Logan Brothers Evan Petrie

    Logan is the perfect example of a

    student-athlete. -Coach Bishop

    Evan always shows up with a good attitude;

    Evan always does his best.

    -Coach Davis

  • What do you call a dog who works for Santa?

    - Santa Paws!

    What do you get when Santa Claus goes down a chimney when the fire is LIT?

    - A Krisp Krinkle!

    What did the sea say to Santa?

    - Nothing. It just waved.





  • Fun Facts By: Jireh Von Dran

    Paraskavedekatriaphobia is the

    fear of Friday the 13th.


    lcanoconiosis is the worlds longest


    Pantheism is the belief that God did

    not create the universe, but rather

    the universe is God.

    A single ant can live 29 years.

    The Welsh word for jellyfish is

    psygod mr.

    Community High School FCA/FCS recently completed their annual Canned Food Drive. Over a two week span, enough food was raised to significantly help eight families in need. Its always a blessing to get to share with people in the Community! states FCA/FCS Sponsor Kathy Gregory. The main thing with the Canned Food Drive is that we want people to know that we are thinking about and genuinely care about them. Students donated a multitude of items ranging from peanut butter to mashed potatoes to spaghetti sauce. The food drive counted for class competition points, as well, with Juniors coming in first, Freshmen coming in second, Sophomores in third, and Seniors in fourth. The Canned Food Drive is always a special event at Community High School. Helping others by spreading Gods love is the foundation of FCA/FCS, and the selfless giving demonstrated during the food drive is a good reflection of FCA/FCSs motives. This event always represents the loving heart of others that truly makes this place a COMMUNITY.

  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    Advisor: Mrs. Gregory

    Officers: Kaitlin Hill - President; Will Vaughn - Vice President; Makenzie Blanton - Secretary;

    Hunter Norman - Treasurer; Isaiah Sons - Sgt.-at-Arms

    Do you like to learn new, valuable skills? Do you want to start a business the future? If so,

    FBLA is the right club for you. FBLA is the largest career student business organization in the world.

    FBLA brings business and education together in a positive environment where members learn

    valuable life skills that will help in them in the business world.

    We just attended the Fall Leadership Conference at MTSU. We are preparing for Regional

    and State competition at this time, Mrs. Gregory states. Hopefully, we will have an after-school field

    trip in the spring.

  • Chess Pie is a Southern delicacy with a simple recipe but has kick! The recipe includes a simple filling of eggs, sugar, butter and a small amount of flour. Now for the kick, you can add flavors such as, vanilla, lemon, and chocolate. If you ever thought about getting creative, though, there have been times people have made blueberry, coconut, snickerdoodle, strawberry, orange, and red velvet versions of Chess Pie.

    Though the origin of the name, Chess Pie, is unknown, there is a lot of folklore surrounding the name. The most probable explanation, however, is that since the Engli