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Preceptors Aspiring Leaders ( P.A.L). Grace Simmons & Naomie Hilaire. Nonverbal Communication. Eye Contact Facial Expression Tone of Voice Posture, Touch Personal Space Timing and Space. The Appropriate Way To Dress. The Suit The blouse/The Shirt The Tie The Shoes The Accessories - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Preceptors Aspiring Leaders ( P.A.L)Grace Simmons&Naomie Hilaire

  • Nonverbal CommunicationEye ContactFacial ExpressionTone of Voice Posture, TouchPersonal SpaceTiming and Space

  • The Appropriate Way To DressThe SuitThe blouse/The ShirtThe TieThe ShoesThe AccessoriesThe Look

  • The Difference Between Business Etiquette and Social EtiquetteWhy is Etiquette ImportantDining EtiquetteBusiness EtiquetteBusiness Card ProtocolProper use of Flatware / UtensilsSlouching at the tableTaking phone calls during a meal

  • Impromptu Speaking Making eye contactSpeaking in a loud clear voiceUse appropriate language and humorUse your bodyEnunciateAnd being relax

  • Electronic MailMaking sure the email address is an appropriateHow an inappropriate email address can hurt you as a personHow should a proper email address should be Example: (