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we take no credit for certain images used within the magazine. Non-profit, just a previous university exercise.


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    things to set your season


    things to set your season





    5 hotholidaylocationshotholidaylocationshold the perfect bbq

    suns out buns out

    dress to impress

    electric dreamshands on with the latest gadgets

    electric dreamshands on with the latest gadgets

    rock the latest style

    dress to impressrock the latest


    suns out buns outhold the perfect bbq


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  • 3Hello,

    And thank you for your continued support of AG, we hope to make something special. With summer just around the corner, we hope this issue will give you a few tips on how to make your summer more action packed and interesting, as well as our normal monthly features. This issue also covers the recent General Election and what it now means for each of the main party leaders in a bit of an idiots guide to politics.

    This months issue will also feature how to survive a festival this summer, a must read guide for those who are going to their first ever festival this year, and also tells you exactly how to have the perfect BBQ. In this issue you will also find out what all the fuss is about with this summers latest gadget from Apple, the iWatch, as well as all the other latest tech reviewed, along with this summers up-coming blockbusters. Also, keep your eyes peeled as theres a chance to win a years subscription of AG, as well as tickets, travel, and spending money to this years Silverstone Grand Prix. Thank you for your support, and see you next issue.

    C.Rose Charlie RoseEditor.


    - Editor -Charlie Rose

    - writer -keegan woodhall



    Spending the summer...

    Enjoying the perfect bbq

    Spending the summer...

    Going to festivals, living the dream

    Spending the summer...

    Balling day in, day out.

    Spending the summer...

    Chilling by the pool.

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    AUNTIE HARRY..............................................7

    KEEGANS TOP TIPS......................................10

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    AGs Perfect BBQ




  • Postbag...

    Dear AGThere is one thing I am looking forward to above and beyond anything else this summer, and that is the release of Marvels The Avengers: Age of Ultron. As a huge movie buff, I massively enjoy reading your reviews of the month page, and after reading your preview of this movie, my excitement for it has doubled. Seeing all of my favourite childhood superheroes such as; Iron Man, Captain Ameri-ca, and the Hulk, up on the big screen is going to be an incredible way to kick start the summer. If its half as good as the first film, I think I am in for a treat.

    Benjamin, 18Derry

    The monthly page dedicated to you the AG readers. Send us your photos, letters and tweets so we give you the fame you deserve. Email us at : Instagram : AspiringGent Twitter : @AspiringGent

    Roger! What a fantastic image, were thinking of relocating our AG offices over to Barbados now because of it! We hope you had time to partake in some of the activities on offer, on your holiday, outside of your room. Glad youre a fan, without people like you we couldnt keep AG going! So thanks!

    Dear AG,

    Last issue you guys asked for readers to send in some of our best holiday snaps for this upcoming summer issue so heres mine. I took this on my honeymoon last year in Barbados. From what I remember it was an amazing seven days, not that I left my hotel room much, if you get what Im saying. Anyway, hope this makes the next edition and keep up the great work, I love reading each month!

    Roger, 26Plymouth

  • 5Dear AG Im not normally a subscriber to magazines, however I have just signed up to have my issue of AG delivered to my door every month from now on! As a sports fan I always enjoy reading your interesting articles in the sports sections, even more so than most of the top sports mags! I particularly enjoyed your F1 preview in the March edition. My moneys on Hamilton to do it again! Hopefully you can continue to deliver brilliant sporting knowledge and interesting articles.

    Gary, 30Colchester

    Dear AGIm coming towards the end of my final year at University so its fair to say Im planning on letting of some steam this summer. Three of my course mates and I have booked an all-inclusive week away to Amsterdam this July and we are hugely excited! This will be my second visit to the city, so Im looking forward to acting as tour guide for my buddies in this amazing city. Weve memorised Keegans top tips: how to survive in a foreign city, from last months issue, and were counting down the days! Its the only thing getting me through these final few weeks of Uni!

    Steven, 21Chandlers Ford

    NEXT MONTHS PRIZE...Here at AG we know we wouldnt be anything without our loyal readers. So each month we look to hand out prizes to one of our readers who grabs our attention whether it be a funny or sad story or just a stunning photograph youve snapped while you were out and about. Next months letter of the month winner will be getting their hands on a brand spanking new Sony Playstation 4. But our love doesnt stop there, were also going to throw in a free years subscription to AG so you can keep up to date with the latest style, entertainment and food tips that any aspiring gent needs.

    Dear AGFor the first time in years I wont be going abroad this summer time. But I dont mind, as Ive recently just moved into a new home with my new fianc Luke. Weve been together for three years, and he finally proposed to me at Christmas time, I feel like the luckiest woman alive. Were planning to set a date for the wedding sometime in July of next year, and with the recent move, big spending this summer is out of the question. But Im looking forward to afternoons in the back garden with a glass of wine and a good book. Lukes parents also own a caravan in Cornwall, so we plan to spend the odd weekend there soaking up the sun and relaxing on the beach. Although I dont think Ill hear much from Luke, no doubt he will constantly have an issue of AG in his hands!

    Alice, 24Worcester

    LETTER OF THE MONTH WINNER!!!This months letter of the month really pulled at our heartstrings a little yes it melted the manliest of hearts So well done Alice, and congratulations on the engagement. See the swanky Panasonic Entertainment system, on its way to you now, as an early wedding present from us at AG.

    On your left: Tweet sent in from Mark Leggett - some powerful wisdom there!

    On your right: Dan Richardsonrocking a rather questionable look on instagram. Cant say well be featuring it in our style pages Dan, but top work anyway.

  • 7Auntie Harry Q: Harry, I hate going on dates, as I never really know what to wear. Ive never met this girl before, and I want to make a good first impression. What should I wear?

    A: Dan its simple it depends where you are going; if its for dinner, then its got to be a jacket or a smart jumper, if youre going to the cinema then something comfy (women love a practical guy), but always remember to dress to impress.

    Dan, 25

    Q: Ive been with this girl now for two years, and we really like each other. Shes moved into my place and were thinking about trying for a baby. Do you think it would be too soon to ask for her hand in marriage?

    A: Simon lets be honest you are no spring chicken, if she makes you happy then go for it! Plus your trying for a baby that surely shows the commitment is there? Good Luck!

    Simon, 36

    Q: Theres this woman who Ive started to see. Were really into each other, but theres one thing bothering me, my mates really dont get on with her, and she doesnt get on with them. What do I do?

    A: Jeff, I think you should see how it goes over time, and if you really like this girl then you should stick at it. If your friends dont like her thats okay, they will just need to accept that this is the girl you really like and want to be with.

    Geoff, 27

    Tip of the Month :As your Nan might say; worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do, but it doesnt get you anywhere. Face your worries head on and you will often find a solution.

    Q: Harry, I love my partner dearly but I can no longer cope with his dislike of soap, water and clean clothing. The idea of sex with him is becoming repulsive because of this. Ive tried dropping subtle hints, and even just being straight with him, but nothing seems to work. I dont want to ask him to leave, but I may have to do so if he cannot respect me enough to spend 5 minutes in the shower. What should I do?

    A: Its simple, give him an ultimatum. Either he starts washing and takes responsibility for his hygiene, or you should hightail it out of there.

    Steph, 26

    Q: Ive recently transferred universities and moved into a shared accommodation with four other guys who I had never met before. They are all great guys and I get along with them well. But every time the subject of sex comes up I find myself lying about my sex life to fit in with them. I fear if I tell them I am a virgin they will think less of me, but it doesnt fell right keeping up with this lie.

    A: John its