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area-based: outcome focused reducing child poverty tactics. aspiring impacts. Dr Stuart Duffin Centre for Excellence in Welfare to Work. Influences on Practice I. Influences on Practice II. What is said about current approach?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • aspiring impacts

    Dr Stuart DuffinCentre for Excellence in Welfare to Workarea-based: outcome focused reducing child poverty tactics

  • Influences on Practice I

    1Climate of economic and social pressures

    2Prevention of long-term dependence on welfare

    3The need for parental choice with regard to care of young children

    4Expectation of participation in education, training and employment

  • Influences on Practice II

    132,000 children are at risk of poverty -18.8% of all children in Ireland EUSILC, 2011

    22011 Census 215,315 one-parent families in Ireland26% of all families with children22% - almost 352,000 - of all childrenSILC demonstrated one-parent households are the most deprived 56% classified as deprived

    3Maximising household resources

    4Improving childrens wellbeing and life chances

  • *What is said about current approach?lack of commissioning of servicesUnclear Role of State and semi-state agencies short-term funding initiativesFragmentedToo many pilots too little mainstreaming

  • The challenges 1

    Increased risk of poverty due to dependence on welfare and no spare financial resourcesTax and welfare traps coupled with transition costs in the system that deepen poverty and exclusion Internal barriers linked to low confidence and self-esteem Access to high quality, flexible and affordable childcareLow educational attainment arising from early school leaving and relevance of qualifications and skills to current labour market requirements

  • The challenges 2

    Social isolation and lack of personal supports and networks Access to transport to and from education, training and employment in both urban and rural areasAccess to affordable quality housing Health challenges arising from stress, domestic violence, legal issues or a poor sense of general well-being Reconciling work and family life

  • Going forwardEnsuring a positive and equal future for all members of one-parent familiesSupporting families as they parent through times of family, work and life change - families in transitionDelivering family centred services Helping to enable better lives for parents and children

  • supports

    Focused specialist family support for progression to education, skill development and employmentProvision of expert parenting and family support to those parenting alone or sharing parentingTailored Reponses

  • Welfare to Work

  • from activation to welfare to work

    Options Programmesdelivers accredited programmes which cover the following areas: Enterprise Skills; Work Trials; Customer Care; Essential Skills; Social Care, and others giving those parents enhanced skills for the labour-marketcareerclinic a proactive and creative approach ,7 steps careerclinic provides participants with practical support and advice on:career review, assessment and guidanceCV preparationinterview techniqueshow to capitalise on transferable skills in order to find employment challenges and solutions in parenting alone

  • Information

    Social welfare queriesFamily law issuesParentingChildcareEducation and employmentFinancesCommunity supports and services

  • Parenting and Family Support Services

    Positive ParentingFamily CommunicationsChild Contact CentreDads WorkshopsShared ParentingParent MentoringSolution focused counsellingGeneral counsellingPlay therapy

  • Our model

  • new ideas that create value delivering a climate for inspiration

    .enterprise and innovation are the engines of growth in the social economy

  • The actionsChallenge -- doing things differentlyCustomer Focus -- creating value Creativity generate possibilities Communication -- open communicationCollaboration -- feed on interactionCompletion -- strong implementationContemplation -- gleaning the lessons

  • the mix

  • drivers-entryways to inspiring practice

  • Principles & asset baseLong term approach has three underpinning principles:Early intervention and prevention: breaking cycles of poor outcomesBuilding on the assets of individuals and communities: moving away from a focus on deficitsEnsuring that children and families needs are at the centre of service design and delivery.

    The principles of assets-based approaches include:Emphasising and supporting assets which enhance the ability of individuals, families and neighbourhoods to sustain health and wellbeing;Starting with what is working and what people care about;Building networks, friendships, self-esteem and feelings of personal and collective effectiveness and connectedness; promote health and wellbeing, enable people to make sense of their environment, help them take control of their lives; andIndividuals and communities working with service providers to co-produce interventions and self-manage programmes of change.

  • goals & tasksmaximise household resources in order to ensure that as few children grow up in poor households as possible.

    key outcomes:Less families are in income poverty/material deprivation (including in-work poverty)More parents are in good quality employmentMore families are financially capable and included

  • 10-Point Anti-Poverty StrategySummary:Monitoring and recording Community participationCommunity-based approaches Integration into mainstream programmesRecognition of limitations:Partnerships

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