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Vertis Microsystems LLP Simplifying your Business Slide 2 Fact Sheet Our Management Team has over 20+ Years of experience in IT Industry Spotless delivery record of many successful project deliveries over the year A dedicated team of brilliant software professionals Process driven organization Real world ARCHIBUS / FM experience ARCHIBUS Business Partner for India Slide 3 Vertis Offerings Services Application Development Quality Assurance Startup Bootstrap Slide 4 Application Development Services We specialize in providing offshore development services that are top notch. We have successfully worked with a number of Silicon valley start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to help them deliver their product/service/portal to market. Offshore development requires close working partnership with the client and developing a win-win relationship. Technical Knack Microsoft Platforms Open Source Platforms Mobile Technologies Other Technologies & Framework Slide 5 Our Process Vertis Development Methodology AnalyzePlanBuildTestDeploySupport Slide 6 Project Portfolio for Application Development Services A web based portal for video conferencing, telepresence, helpdesk administration, and room provisioning with a powerful access controls. Video Conferencing & Telepresence Portal A web based system which enables the customers sales engineer to prepare accurate, technically sound and commercially viable quotations for any RFQ (Request for Quote) within the defined parameters. Quotation Workflow Management System An Online portal acts as a facilitator for people to trade goods and services within their social circles. Online Social Marketplace A portal that enables to search and browse through hundreds of thousands of games, reviews and cheat sheets. Search Engine portal for Gaming An online portal enabling e-commerce (order placement and payment) Order Management & E-Commerce Portal A web application that allows the network administrator to extract data from a running Active Directory instance. Active Directory Network Topology Extraction Tool Slide 7 Quality Assurance Services We specialize in providing Comprehensive range of Quality Assurance Solutions which blends top quality with effective solutions. As such you need a QA team that can do much more than hacking away at a UI or following a pre-defined test plan. Vertis offers specialized testing services that are best suited for long term product/platform engagements this why some of the best silicon valley companies rely on Vertis to ensure high quality deliveries. We provide: Functional Testing Performance Testing Automated Regression Testing User Acceptance Testing Security Testing SOA Testing Application Testing Web applications Mobile applications Enterprise applications SaaS-based applications Product testing Slide 8 Start Bootstrap Services The ability to pursue rapid, profitable growth is essential to start-up or spin-off businesses. Vertis understand that as a start-up or spin off business, you probably have little or no IT capability and need IT systems to operate with low initial costs. You also want to make sure that the demanding business objectives are not hampered by IT and that the system is reliable and flexible to support the business as it grows. We offer: Strategic advice on IT aspects of your business plan Provision, selection and sourcing of: Business applications Software Installation and configuration Hosting and virtual solutions IT support and IT managed services Consultative input to address business issues with IT solutions Slide 9 Vertis Offerings Products Facilities Management Vertis Mobility Solutions Slide 10 Vertis Products Facilities Management ARCHIBUS FM Solution Helpdesk Systems Asset Management Attendance Manager Occupancy Surveys Slide 11 Facilities Management As a Facility/Admin Manager you will be looking for a solution that enables you to effectively manage the full spectrum of soft and hard services under your supervision. Vertis provide solutions based on FM Professionals experience to assist Facility Manager in maintaining an environment that is conducive to work. FM Solutions was founded to assist businesses in identifying cost-effective, practical solutions for managing, maintaining, renovating, and operating their facilities. Benefits of Our Facility Management Software: Improve operational effectiveness and minimize unnecessary expenditures by optimizing asset and infrastructure life cycle. Create an accurate, central information repository to control spending and improve asset allocation. Provide faster and more accurate reports to your staff, board and partner organizations. Increase workforce productivity. Improve safety and environmental planning capabilities, reducing risk from accident and regulatory compliance violations. Share information throughout your organization. Slide 12 Source: ARCHIBUS FM Solution ARCHIBUS, Inc. is the #1 global provider of facilities management (FM) and infrastructure management solutions and services. Vertis is appointed as business partner by ARCHIBUS Inc. to sell Archibus products within India and provide services to its customers globally. At VERTIS we offer wide range of services help you design and implement ARCHIBUS solutions. We have extensive capabilities in customizing and deploying ARCHIBUS/FM. Slide 13 Vertis Products It enables organizations to deliver a better customer experience and work more efficiently as a team, whatever their size. Whether over email, support tickets, or create work request, you customer's support history is tracked in one place and can be accessed from anywhere. Heldpesk Systems It is easy and efficient to manage your organizations valuable assets from software and IT assets, to vehicle, tools, medical equipment, and more. Asset Management It provides improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity to the resource management and pay-roll process of organizations. This system can work as a muster management. Attendance Manager The ability to control field surveyors and their work makes all the differences when running mobile surveys on PDAs, Mobile Phones and Tablets/iPads. Survey Manager prepares you to do you business THE RIGHT WAY. Occupancy Surveys Slide 14 Vertis Products Vertis Mobility Solutions Field Service Manager Attendance Tracking Asset Survey Slide 15 Vertis Products Using Field Service Manager, you can now give your field services manager/technicians/engineer mobile access to job assignments, scheduling, inventory status, work status history and getting the job done efficiently. Field Service Manager It provides improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity to the resource management and pay-roll process of organizations. This system can work as a muster management. Attendance Tracking It is easy and efficient to manage your organizations valuable assets from software and IT assets, to vehicle, tools, medical equipment, and more. Asset Surveys Slide 16 Clients & Projects Slide 17 Offices 1.Headquartered in India Pune, India 2.UK 3.USA 4.Business Partnerships in UAE and Africa Slide 18 Blending the best IT practices, competitive prices, quality human resources, and ongoing services maintenance, we can help you push your business in the right direction and scale it to greater heights. VERTIS Microsystems, LLP Office 109, 114 First Floor, Kumar Sahawas, S.No. 132/2 Pashan, Pune, India Pincode: 411021 Tel.: (+91) 20 2586 2774 Website: Email: