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Building an online community linking trade skills students, their employers and other educators creates a knowledge-sharing environment that enhances traditional TAFE training. In this session, stonemasonry teacher Simon Brown shares how he uses a wide range of learning technologies in a TAFE context. The ancient craft of stonemasonry is continually being re-invented with the development of new materials, tools and techniques. World-wide, the stone industry demands responsive training, and with Queensland's geographic spread this means making full use of online communications. In this session, Simon showcases how he:Uses free Web tools (including Ning, Wikispaces, Flickr, Youtube) and Videolinq video streaming technologies to engage students and guide their literacy developmentRe-focuses text-based learning resources into image-rich interactive learning experiencesCollaborates online with industry personnel about their training requirementsDisplays apprentice achievements to a global communityRegularly discusses educational technologies with fellow educators


  • 1. This topic is to be presented at the Learning Technologies conference 6-7 November 2008 in Mooloolaba, Queensland.Visit theLearning Technologies conference websiteJoin theLT2008 Ning network see you there!

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  • Traditional classroom delivery places the teacher at the centre of the students learning experience, pushing information out

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  • I am challenging the perspective, pulling information in to a common space

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  • Drawing information from students creates an environment in which they share with other students

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  • Employersprovide feedback about training activities and apprentices performance, continuing a dialogue between learners and experts in the work place

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  • I am building strong links between students and employers in the learning environment

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  • The desired outcome is a strongly-supported learning network of masters and novices

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