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<ul><li>1. This report looks at how travel companies are targeting key audiences; identifying those promising the best returns on their investment in content, even if this is notoriously difficult to measure; and using a socially-aware, multi-channel approach to ensure visibility among a multitude of competitors. Opinions were collated from 474 travel industry professionals to gauge who their intended audiences are; what sort of content they produce; where they see the value in their campaigns; and how they spread their message. The data we have collected indicates that companies are beginning to gradually accept the need for a fuller-bodied strategy.Arash HekmatHead of Travel Content and author of Sun, Sea and Content Marketing</li></ul> <p>2. Gaining a better understanding of content marketing strategy isvital within the travel industry, especially when there is such a need to increase conversions from website visits. I think those surveyed have shown interest in developing the waythey create and promote content. If they are willing to spend more time and resources implementing a strategy and being more adventurous when creating content to engage their target audiencethey will see the results they want.Marc Turley Head of Axonn Research 3. </p>