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Inbound Marketing is a process of attracting prospects with related helpful content, convert them into leads, good leads into customers and delight them. The Inbound Marketing consists of two main factors “Buyer Persona” and “Buyer Journey”. Inbound Marketing methodology has four stages Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. And it swings around creating helpful and educational content according to Buyer persona (audience which we are looking to attract), Convert derived traffic into known Leads and delight them continually because delighted Costumer can become the Promoter of Business.


  • 1. Inbound MarketingSaba UmarHubspot Inbound Marketing Certified

2. Inbound MarketingInbound Marketing is a process of attracting targetedaudience by providing them helpful content.Traditional Old outbound Marketing method is outworn nowand marketers use Inbound Marketing method for doingbusiness online. 3. Outbound Marketing Vs. Inbound Marketing Cold Calling Cold Email Interruptive ads Marketing-center Blogging SEO Customer Centric CRM 4. Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing1. Buyer PersonaTo Be Successful with Inbound Marketing we need toknow about our buyers persona.According to the Hubspot:A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation ofyour ideal customer based on market research and realdata about your existing customers. 5. 2. Buyers Journey:The Buyers Journey is used to describe the stages of buyerpersona in the Buying Process.The active research process someone goes throughleading up to making a purchase. 6. The Buyers Journey is divided into three StagesAwareness Consideration DecisionThe Persona isexperiencing an actualProblemThe Persona is clearabout his/her problem.And also have someidea about the solutionPersona is now about todecide the strategy andpossible solution. 7. Content SharingSharing is Caring, Inbound is about sharing the content with theworld.Specific content for the targeted customers help to attract qualified prospectsfor the business and also insist them to come back for more. 8. Effective ContentBy Publishing quality content inthe right place at the Right time,your marketing becomes relevantand helpful to customers.That makes your marketingLoveable.Content PlaceTime 9. Inbound Marketing MethodologyYou can attract inbound traffic Simply; by aligning the right content you published withcustomers interests that you can convert, close and delight.The Inbound marketing methodology has four stages.ConvertClose DelightAttract 10. At every stage of Inbound Marketing we have some ClearPoints to follow 11. AttractWe just do not have to attract people but right people inInbound Marketing.Some tools to attract the right users are Blogging SEO Social Publishing 12. BloggingBloggingcreate morePages insearch enginesCreate Blog articlethat interest youraudienceThis meansmoreopportunitiesfor you tofind! 13. SEOCreateKeywordstargetedContentregularlyIdentify theKeywords,Optimize yourwebsite for thoseKeywordsBuild qualitylinks for yourwebsite 14. Social PublishingStay engagedin socialmediaconversationsBuild yourFollowing,Share your PostsBe goodsocial citizenand buildstrongnetwork 15. ConvertOnce targeted traffic is derived to website, next step is to Convert thosevisitors into leads by gathering their contact information. Landing Page Forms Call to Action 16. ConvertBuild a Landing Page that describe the offerPlace a Form to gather Contact information fromVisitors.Place call to Action(CTA) button smartly toencourage more Lead. 17. CloseYou derived the traffic and convert the right lead now you have totransfer those Lead into Customer CRM Close loop reporting Email Marketing automation 18. CloseClose Loop Reporting: Use Software toanalysis close-loop marketing campaign.Integrate a CRM software to improve thesales ProcessMarketing Automation: is used to perform thesetasks cost-effectively and hands freely.It gives more sales opportunities. 19. DelightInbound Marketing campaign continues to delight customers, whichpersuade them to become their promoters.Three Building Blocks of Customers Delight: Innovation Communication Education 20. Thank You For your Time Please feel free to share your views and also if you have any questions, pleasedo not hesitate to ask, we would be happy to assist. You can also visit Gatelogix Blog for more information about InboundMarketing


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