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3 years ago, a simple request changed Marcus Sheridan's life. A CMO (chief marketing officer) from a manufacturing company said to him, "Marcus, I believe in inbound marketing. I believe in HubSpot. But I just can't get buy-in from everyone in management and sales to help me in this process. So I need you to come out to our company and convince everyone that they want to be a part of this." That statement led to Marcus Sheridan giving what was his first Inbound Marketing Workshop, something he has done many, many times since then to organizations of all sizes. In this passionate and interactive session, Sheridan will show: 1. The steps to giving an effective workshop so that everyone is engaged, illuminated, and bought-in to the essence of inbound marketing. 2. How to use the workshop to turn everyone on the team into a content producer 3. How add workshops to your service offerings so as to lead to stronger client relations and better profits for Inbound Agencies


  • 1. #INBOUND14Inbound MarketingWorkshopsA guide to understanding what theyare, why to give them, and how togive them.Marcus SheridanPresident, The Sales Lion@TheSalesLion

2. Program vs Culture#INBOUND14Inbound is a shift in the way we do businesses.Its a way of thinking, believing, and acting. Its amatter of looking in the mirror and sayingThis is who we are@TheSalesLion 3. Assuming a CMO wants to do Inbound andunderstands how to do it, what are thereasons they often still end up failing?#INBOUND14Key Question #1@TheSalesLion 4. Key Question #2Assuming you do your part as an agency,whats the main reason organization still#INBOUND14fail at Inbound Marketing?@TheSalesLion 5. Why Companies Fail at Inbound#INBOUND141. Management Buy In2. Employee Buy In3. Lack of Content4. Too Many Silos5. Poor Strategy@TheSalesLion 6. Everything in thisbusiness comesdown to buy-in.**And unless you address this, it will reflect poorly upon YOU and YOUR agency**#INBOUND14@TheSalesLion 7. 4 Requirement for creating#INBOUND14an Inbound Culture:1. Management Buy In2. Employee Buy In3. Inbound/Content Marketing Leader4. Workshop 8. #inbound12 9. I want you to come outand convince everyonethat they want to be a part#INBOUND14of marketing@TheSalesLion 10. #INBOUND14Why should a HubSpotPartner consider a Workshopas standard for anyengagement?@TheSalesLion 11. 1. Everyone starts on the same page and realizes this is important.2. Theres no quicker way to establish relationships and build rapport.3. Theres no quicker way to truly get to know someones business.4. More delighted clients5. Youll start quicker with a major victory6. Its profitable.7. Most agencies arent doing it.8. You can offer further workshops in the future to continue to buildthe relationship.#INBOUND14The Workshop Advantage:@TheSalesLion 12. The best teachers and presentersunderstand their entire goal is to help theaudience discover what they already know.#INBOUND14@TheSalesLion 13. 7 Principles of a Successful#INBOUND14Inbound Workshop@TheSalesLion 14. This transparent color box is a usefuloption f Part 1: Consourm seor mExep elactragteiorn ism aangde Bsu. ying Habits have Changed#INBOUND14(zero moment of truth)@TheSalesLion 15. This transparent color box is a usefuloption f Part 2: Theo rW saoym Geo loagrlgee ar nimd aOgtehse.r Search Engines Work#INBOUND14@TheSalesLion 16. This transparent color box is a usefuloption f Part 3:o Trh se oWmaye Claonrgseumr iemrsa Sgeeasr.c h Online (Specificity)#INBOUND14@TheSalesLion 17. This transparent color box is a usefuloption f Part 4: The Imopra scot mInbeo luanrdg/eCro inmteangt ecasn. have on the Sales Process#INBOUND14and Closing Rates 18. This transparent color box is a usefuloption f Part 5: Tohr es oNmeeed l aforgr eErv iemryaognees.s Voice (Brainstorm)#INBOUND14(writers, actors, talkers, questioners)@TheSalesLion 19. #INBOUND14This transparent color box is a usefuloption fPoar srot m6e: lTahrgee rE imdaitgoersi.a l Process@TheSalesLion 20. This transparent color box is a usefuloption f Part 7: Loor nsogm Tee larmrge Irm impaagecst.: For the Company#INBOUND14and the Employee@TheSalesLion 21. #INBOUND14 22. Because of Insourcing and Content Marketing,we can account for at least 9 million in saleswe otherwise would never have gotten.#INBOUND14-Krista Kotrla, Block Imaging, HubSpot user@TheSalesLion 23. #inbound12 24. #inbound12 25. You guys are really making a lot of big companiesnervous. I got a call last night from a top exec atCompetitor X. His opening salvo: Who the he** isHealth Catalyst? They're everywhere and thats allhospitals want to talk about these days!#INBOUND14-An email sent to Health Catalyst@TheSalesLion 26. Go out and create a new type of business#INBOUND14cultureInbound.@TheSalesLion 27. #INBOUND14QUESTIONS ? 28. If youre not listening to theHubcast, you should be.


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