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Train- A series of connected railroad cars pulled or pushed by one or more locomotives.First steam railway-Penydarren By Richard trevithick.

There mainly four types of TrainSteam Engine TrainDiesel Engine TrainElectric TrainMagnetic Train

Steam Engine Train- A steam engine train is a railway locomotive that produce its pulling power through a steam engine. These are fueled by burning combustible material usually coal.

Diesel Trains- A diesel locomotive is a type of railway locomotive in which the prime mover is diesel engine. Several types of diesel engine have been developed differing mainly in the means by which mechanical power conveyed to the driving wheels .

Electric Train- An Electric Engine Train is a locomotive powered by electricity from overhead lines.

Magnetic Train- Maglev is a method of propulsion that uses magnetic levitation to propelVehicle with magnets rather than wheels. With this short distance way from a guide way using magnets to create both lift and thrust. Less friction that is low loss of energy.

Top Five Train In Speed Rank 1. CRH380A- The top on the world of fastest trains is China, which broke the 300 mph barrier with CRH380A. The 302mph top speed makes this the fastest legal way to travel by land.

Rank 2. Germanys Transrapid TR-09 This train uses mag-lev technology and technically a monorail. The 279mph top speed also makes it the second fastest train in the world.

Rank 3. Shinkansen Japan is known for the bullet train, so its top speed 275mph.

Rank 4. Shangais magnetic maglev train. Its top speed 270 mph.

Rank 5. Frances TGV- Its top speed is 236 mph.



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