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Planet 9 take at look at 15 of the trends you should look out for in the year, 2014. From the drinks industry to space, there's likely to be a lot going on this year. Why not be one step ahead?


  • 1. Our top 15 Trends for 2014

2. 1. Brands in space Space travel has gone commercial and brands are queuing up to rocking into this new frontier. A ticket to space will become the ultimate prize, already offered by brands including Axe. An NBC space show, Space Race, will see a space trip offered as a prize. 3. 2. Cocktails on tap Weve seen wine moving into taps and now cocktails are being mixed and stored in kegs. The question shaken or stirred? just got a bit tricky. 4. 3. Gourmet meals to go With consumers wanting things faster than ever, fast fresh food will be on the rise this year. Some examples to look out include healthy snacks, Graze boxes and gourmet meals by US brands, Blue Apron and Plated. 5. 4. Digital grieving With almost every aspect of our life going digital, it may not seem that strange to know that digital celebrations such as funerals will be on the rise. Think live streams and lots of digital tears, over mobile. 6. 5. Brands blurring gender lines With the phenomenon of the cleverly-termed guyliner, retailers are waking up to the growing male grooming industry. The Marc Jacobs Boy Tested, Girl Approved collection is aimed at men who are not ashamed of taking pride in their appearance. 7. 7. Divorce parties Given the rise in single people and fading stigma around divorce, more people are choosing to celebrate their divorces with lavish parties. Pinterest boards have even featured cake and party favor ideas. 8. 8. Edible packaging Up until recently, it was impossible to have your cake and eat it. Thanks to brands like LA ice cream, Coolhaus, now you can do all that and eat the packaging too. 9. 9. Equal rights for men With the rising popularity in feminism and female empowerment, men feel it has become harder to be a man in todays society. Watch out for a rise in malefocused support systems and advocacy groups. 10. 10. Haptic technology A popular Huggies campaign in Argentina involved a haptic waistband that allowed a man to experience the way his pregnant partner could feel the baby moving. Automakers are applying haptic tech to feedback to touchpads helping drivers to keep focused. 11. 11. Hashtag overkill Across Facebook feeds, Twitter timelines. Theyre everywhere. Though largely useful, hashtags have become another way to prove ones cleverness, or add injury to online insult, to the annoyance of others #fail 12. 12. The rise of the mini-moon A miniature version of the traditional honeymoon, mini-moons are becoming more common as economic pressures cause newlyweds to compress their ideal honeymoon. A rise in local, short trips is one to look out for. 13. 13. Techno paranoia As advanced tech continues to take its key role in our daily routines, a growing number of people will become wary of technology. This will lead to paranoia around Big-brother style intrusions of privacy and hacker mayhem. 14. 14. Needle-free vaccines Several new technologies look set to all but eliminate needles from the vaccination process. Syringes like PharmaJets Stratis use a high velocity jet syringe that delivers liquid through the skin. 15. 15. Survival of the focused Multitasking has become the de facto mode for todays always-on culture, creating the phrase hypertasking. Those who can shut out the noise and focus on whats important are both healthier and more successful.